Where Are They Now Flavor Of Love?

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Introduction to “Flavor of Love”

“Flavor of Love” was a cultural phenomenon when it first aired on VH1 in 2006. The reality dating show, starring Public Enemy’s hype man Flavor Flav, was a spin-off of “The Surreal Life” and became an instant hit. Over three seasons, numerous women competed for the affection of the eccentric rapper, with each contestant becoming a memorable character in her own right. The show was known for its dramatic confrontations, outrageous challenges, and unforgettable nicknames. But since the show ended in 2008, fans have often wondered: where are the contestants now?

Life After “Flavor of Love”

The women of “Flavor of Love” have taken diverse paths since their time on the show. Some have continued in the entertainment industry, while others have pursued completely different careers. Here’s a look at where some of the most memorable contestants are today.

Flavor Flav

The star of the show, Flavor Flav, has continued his career in entertainment. He’s appeared in various reality shows, released music, and even opened a few restaurants. Despite some legal troubles and the closure of his chicken restaurant chain, Flav remains an iconic figure in the entertainment world.

Hoops (Nicole Alexander)

Season one winner Nicole Alexander, known as Hoops, went on to win another reality show, “I Love Money.” She has also pursued acting, appearing in movies and TV shows. Alexander has kept a relatively low profile in recent years but remains active on social media.

New York (Tiffany Pollard)

Perhaps the most famous contestant, Tiffany Pollard, better known as New York, became a reality TV icon. She starred in her own spin-off series, “I Love New York,” and has appeared on numerous other shows, including “Celebrity Big Brother.” Pollard has also acted in theater and remains a popular media personality.

Deelishis (Chandra Davis)

Season two winner Chandra Davis, aka Deelishis, has had a career in modeling and music. She’s released singles and appeared in music videos for artists like Lil Wayne. Davis has also been active on social media and continues to model.

Pumpkin (Brooke Thompson)

Brooke Thompson, known as Pumpkin, is remembered for her infamous spitting incident with New York. After the show, she appeared in a few reality programs but eventually stepped away from the spotlight. Thompson has since focused on her personal life and family.

Other Notable Contestants

Many other women from “Flavor of Love” have interesting stories about where they are now. Here’s a look at a few more:

Buckwild (Becky Johnston)

Becky Johnston, known as Buckwild, continued to appear in reality TV for a while but has since focused on her personal life. She’s active on social media and engages with fans about her time on the show.

Bootz (Larissa Aurora)

Larissa Aurora, aka Bootz, has turned her focus to family and faith. She’s become a mother and often shares her religious journey with her followers online.

Smiley (Leilene Ondrade)

Leilene Ondrade, known as Smiley, pursued acting and modeling after the show. She’s appeared in films and continues to model, as well as being a mother to her children.

Goldie (Courtney Jackson)

Courtney Jackson, better known as Goldie, returned to her roots in comedy. She’s performed stand-up and appeared in a few acting roles while maintaining a private personal life.

Impact on Pop Culture

The legacy of “Flavor of Love” extends beyond the lives of its contestants. The show has had a lasting impact on reality TV and pop culture, with phrases and moments still referenced today. It paved the way for numerous spin-offs and imitations, solidifying its place in television history.

Where Are They Now Summary Table

ContestantNicknameCurrent Endeavors
Flavor FlavN/AEntertainment, music, reality TV
Nicole AlexanderHoopsActing, reality TV, social media
Tiffany PollardNew YorkReality TV, acting, media personality
Chandra DavisDeelishisModeling, music, social media
Brooke ThompsonPumpkinPersonal life, family
Becky JohnstonBuckwildSocial media, personal life
Larissa AuroraBootzFamily, faith, social media
Leilene OndradeSmileyActing, modeling, motherhood
Courtney JacksonGoldieComedy, acting, personal life

FAQs About “Flavor of Love” Contestants

Has Flavor Flav continued his music career?

Yes, Flavor Flav has released music post-“Flavor of Love” and continues to be involved in the entertainment industry.

Did any of the contestants find lasting fame?

Tiffany Pollard, aka New York, is the most notable contestant who found lasting fame, becoming a reality TV star and actress.

Are any of the contestants still in the entertainment industry?

Several contestants, such as Nicole Alexander (Hoops) and Chandra Davis (Deelishis), are still involved in the entertainment industry through acting and modeling.

Have any of the contestants left the public eye?

Yes, some contestants like Brooke Thompson (Pumpkin) have stepped away from the public eye to focus on their personal lives.

Did “Flavor of Love” lead to any successful relationships?

While the show did not lead to any lasting relationships for Flavor Flav, it did launch the careers and personal growth of many contestants.


“Flavor of Love” was more than just a dating show; it was a cultural touchstone that introduced a cast of characters who have since taken various paths in life. From continued careers in entertainment to shifts towards personal fulfillment and family, the contestants of “Flavor of Love” have each carved out their own place in the world since the show ended. While some have maintained a presence in the public eye, others have chosen a quieter life away from the cameras. Regardless of their current endeavors, the impact of “Flavor of Love” on their lives—and on pop culture—is undeniable. The show remains a memorable part of reality TV history, and its contestants will always be a part of that legacy.

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