Time Team Cast Where Are They Now?

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Introduction to Time Team and Its Legacy

Time Team was a groundbreaking British television series that first aired in 1994 and ran for 20 seasons until 2014. The show brought archaeology to the masses, with a team of experts conducting excavations over three days at various sites across the UK. The program was praised for its educational content and its ability to make history accessible and entertaining. As the years have passed, fans of the show often wonder what happened to the charismatic cast that once brought ancient history to life on their screens.

The Core Cast of Time Team

The Time Team cast was a diverse group of archaeologists, historians, and specialists who became household names in the UK. The core team included presenter Tony Robinson, archaeologists Mick Aston and Phil Harding, and many others who contributed their expertise over the years. Each member brought their unique personality and knowledge to the show, creating a dynamic that was both informative and engaging.

Tony Robinson – The Charismatic Presenter

Tony Robinson was the face of Time Team, known for his enthusiastic presenting style and ability to explain complex archaeological terms in layman’s terms. After Time Team, Robinson continued his television career, presenting various history and archaeology programs. He has also been involved in political activism and was knighted in 2013 for public and political service.

Mick Aston – The Academic Leader

Mick Aston was the academic leader whose colorful sweaters became iconic. Aston sadly passed away in 2013, but his legacy lives on through his contributions to archaeology and the Time Team series. He was a respected academic and published numerous papers and books throughout his career.

Phil Harding – The Field Archaeologist

Phil Harding, known for his West Country accent and trademark hat, was a favorite among fans. Since the show ended, Harding has continued to work in archaeology, participating in digs and speaking at events. He remains a popular figure in the field and is active on social media, where he shares his ongoing projects.

Supporting Cast Members

Beyond the core members, Time Team featured a rotating cast of specialists who brought their expertise to the show. These included historians, geophysicists, and other archaeologists who contributed to the success of the excavations.

Carenza Lewis – The Medieval Specialist

Carenza Lewis, known for her expertise in medieval archaeology, has continued her academic career. She is currently a professor at the University of Lincoln and is involved in community archaeology projects, encouraging public engagement with history.

John Gater – The Geophysics Expert

John Gater, the geophysicist responsible for revealing what lies beneath the surface before digging, has continued to work in geophysical surveys. He is a director at Geophysical Surveys of Bradford and remains active in the field of archaeological geophysics.

Stewart Ainsworth – The Landscape Investigator

Stewart Ainsworth, the landscape investigator, has retired from English Heritage but continues to be involved in archaeology. He often gives talks and has been involved in publishing research on landscape archaeology.

Where Are They Now? – A Summary Table

Cast MemberRole on Time TeamCurrent Endeavors
Tony RobinsonPresenterTelevision presenter, political activist, knighted in 2013
Mick Aston (Deceased)Academic LeaderPassed away in 2013, left a legacy in archaeology
Phil HardingField ArchaeologistContinues in archaeology, public speaking, and social media
Carenza LewisMedieval SpecialistProfessor at University of Lincoln, community archaeology
John GaterGeophysics ExpertDirector at Geophysical Surveys of Bradford
Stewart AinsworthLandscape InvestigatorRetired, continues to give talks and publish research

Post-Time Team Projects and Appearances

Many of the Time Team cast members have continued to work on television and participate in public archaeology projects. They have appeared in documentaries, written books, and engaged with fans at events and through social media. Their commitment to making archaeology accessible has not waned since the show’s conclusion.

Television and Media Appearances

Several cast members have made appearances on other television programs, often bringing their archaeological expertise to a wider audience. Tony Robinson, for example, has presented several history documentaries for Channel 4 and the BBC.

Publications and Academic Contributions

The academic members of the cast have continued to contribute to their fields through research and publications. Their work helps to advance the study of archaeology and provides valuable resources for both students and enthusiasts.

Public Engagement and Education

Engaging with the public and educating the next generation of archaeologists has been a significant focus for many of the cast members. They participate in lectures, workshops, and community digs, fostering a love for history and archaeology among people of all ages.

Remembering the Impact of Time Team

Time Team not only entertained but also educated its audience about the importance of preserving history. The show inspired many to pursue careers in archaeology and history, and its impact is still felt in the field today.

Inspiring Future Archaeologists

The legacy of Time Team is evident in the number of young professionals who cite the show as their inspiration for entering the field of archaeology. The cast’s enthusiasm and knowledge made a lasting impression on viewers.

Contributions to Archaeological Knowledge

The excavations conducted on Time Team often led to significant discoveries that contributed to our understanding of British history. The show’s format also pioneered new methods of presenting archaeological research to the public.

FAQs About Time Team Cast

  • Is Time Team still being produced? No, Time Team ended in 2014 after 20 seasons.
  • What has Tony Robinson been doing since Time Team? Tony Robinson has continued his career in television, presenting history documentaries and engaging in political activism.
  • Are any of the Time Team cast still working in archaeology? Yes, many of the cast members, like Phil Harding and Carenza Lewis, are still active in the field of archaeology.
  • Did Time Team contribute to real archaeological research? Yes, the show made genuine contributions to archaeological knowledge and inspired new methods of public engagement.
  • Can I watch old episodes of Time Team? Yes, old episodes of Time Team are available on various streaming platforms and DVD collections.


The cast of Time Team has left an indelible mark on the world of archaeology and television. While some have passed away or retired, many continue to work in their fields, sharing their knowledge and passion with the public. The show’s legacy lives on through its impact on archaeological research and education, as well as the continued work of its beloved cast members. Time Team may have ended, but the curiosity and enthusiasm for history it sparked in viewers will continue for generations to come.

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