The Last Alaskans Where Are They Now?

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The Last Alaskans: Where Are They Now?

The Last Alaskans is a reality television series that aired on the Discovery Channel and later on Animal Planet. The show chronicled the lives of several families and individuals living in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, one of the most remote and untouched areas in the United States. The series was praised for its authentic portrayal of the survivalist lifestyle and the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness. Since the show’s conclusion, fans have been curious about the whereabouts and current activities of the cast members. This article delves into the lives of these intrepid individuals and provides updates on their current endeavors.

Introduction to The Last Alaskans

The Last Alaskans featured a unique blend of individuals who chose to live off the grid in one of the harshest environments on the planet. The series showcased their daily struggles and triumphs as they navigated the challenges of hunting, fishing, and surviving in extreme conditions. The show gained a dedicated following, with viewers admiring the cast’s resilience and the stunning landscapes they called home.

Overview of the Cast

The series highlighted several key figures, including the Korth, Lewis, Selden, and Hailstone families, as well as Tyler Selden’s brother-in-law, Charlie Jagow. Each brought their own unique perspective to living in the wilderness, and their stories resonated with audiences around the world.

Heimo and Edna Korth

Heimo and Edna Korth were among the most beloved figures on The Last Alaskans. Known for their deep knowledge of the land and survival skills, the couple has continued to live in the refuge, maintaining their self-sufficient lifestyle. They have also been active in advocating for the preservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Selden Family

Tyler and Ashley Selden, along with their young daughter Sydney, were another family featured on the show. Since the series ended, they have expanded their family with the addition of a second daughter. The Seldens continue to live in Alaska, where they run a dog mushing and guiding business.

Charlie Jagow

Charlie Jagow, the young trapper and Tyler Selden’s brother-in-law, has continued his trapping endeavors and has become a licensed pilot. His flying skills have allowed him to access more remote areas for his trapping and guiding operations.

The Lewis Family

Ray Lewis and his daughters, Molly and Emma, were known for their close-knit relationship and determination. The Lewis family has since left the refuge but continues to live in Alaska, where they pursue various personal and professional projects.

The Hailstone Family

Chip and Agnes Hailstone, along with their children, were known for their Inupiaq heritage and subsistence lifestyle. The Hailstones remain in Alaska, where they continue to practice traditional hunting and fishing methods and share their culture through social media and public speaking engagements.

Life After the Show

While the show has ended, the cast members have not faded from public view. Many have taken to social media to share updates on their lives, engage with fans, and promote their businesses and causes. They continue to embody the spirit of The Last Alaskans, living in harmony with nature and preserving the traditions of the refuge.

Impact on Viewers

The Last Alaskans left a lasting impression on its audience, inspiring many to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of a life connected to nature. The cast’s dedication to a sustainable lifestyle has also sparked conversations about conservation and the importance of protecting wild spaces.

Challenges Faced by the Cast

Living in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge comes with a unique set of challenges, from extreme weather to isolation. The cast members have had to adapt to these conditions, developing resilience and resourcefulness that have served them well both during and after the show.

Continued Advocacy for the Refuge

Several cast members have become outspoken advocates for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, using their platforms to raise awareness about environmental issues and the threats posed by potential oil drilling and other industrial activities.

Adapting to Modern Life

While the cast members are known for their traditional lifestyles, they have also found ways to integrate modern conveniences and technologies into their lives. This balance allows them to maintain their connection to the land while also engaging with the wider world.

Business Ventures and Projects

Some of the cast members have launched businesses that align with their skills and passions. From guiding services to artisan crafts, these ventures allow them to share their expertise and support their families.

Engagement with Fans

The cast of The Last Alaskans has remained accessible to fans through social media, public appearances, and other engagements. They often share insights into their daily lives, offering a glimpse into the realities of living in the Alaskan wilderness.

Preserving Traditions

The cultural heritage and traditions of the cast, particularly the Hailstone family, are an integral part of their identity. They continue to practice and teach these traditions, ensuring that they are passed down to future generations.

Table: Current Status of The Last Alaskans Cast

Cast Member(s)Current LocationActivities/Projects
Heimo and Edna KorthArctic National Wildlife RefugeSubsistence living, advocacy
Tyler, Ashley, and Sydney SeldenAlaskaDog mushing, guiding business
Charlie JagowAlaskaTrapping, guiding, piloting
Ray Lewis and daughtersAlaskaVarious personal/professional projects
Chip and Agnes HailstoneAlaskaSubsistence living, cultural advocacy

FAQs About The Last Alaskans

  • Is The Last Alaskans still being filmed?
    No, the show concluded its run, and there are currently no plans for new episodes.
  • Can I visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
    Yes, the refuge is open to visitors, but it is extremely remote and requires careful planning and preparation.
  • How do the cast members sustain themselves financially?
    Many have businesses related to their lifestyle, such as guiding services, and some have income from the show and public appearances.
  • Do the cast members have access to modern technology?
    Yes, while they live off the grid, many use modern technology to communicate and run their businesses.
  • Are the cast members active on social media?
    Yes, several cast members have active social media accounts where they engage with fans and share updates.


The Last Alaskans captured the hearts of viewers with its portrayal of life in one of the world’s most remote regions. The cast members have continued to live according to their values, balancing tradition with modernity. They remain active in their communities and continue to inspire those who seek a deeper connection with nature. Whether through advocacy, business ventures, or simply sharing their lives with the world, the legacy of The Last Alaskans lives on in the lives of its cast members.

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