Step By Step Where Are They Now?

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Step By Step was a beloved American television sitcom that aired from September 20, 1991, to June 26, 1998. The show centered around the blended family of Frank Lambert and Carol Foster, with a mix of their children from previous marriages. It was a staple of the 1990s TV landscape and part of ABC’s TGIF lineup before moving to CBS for its final season. Now, years after the show’s conclusion, fans often wonder what happened to the cast of this cherished sitcom. In this article, we’ll take a step by step look at where the cast members are now.

Introduction to Step By Step

Step By Step captured the hearts of viewers with its humorous take on the complexities of a blended family. The show’s charm lay in its relatable characters and the chemistry among the cast members. As we look back at this iconic series, let’s explore the paths the actors took after the final episode aired.

Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert

Patrick Duffy, who played the lovable, easy-going contractor Frank Lambert, continued his career in television and film. After Step By Step, Duffy reprised his role as Bobby Ewing on various Dallas reunions. He also appeared in the Dallas continuation series from 2012 to 2014. Duffy has had roles in other TV shows and made-for-TV movies, maintaining a steady presence on the small screen.

Suzanne Somers as Carol Foster Lambert

Suzanne Somers, known for her role as the smart and caring beautician Carol Foster Lambert, has since become a successful entrepreneur and health advocate. She has written numerous books on health and wellness and launched a range of fitness and beauty products. Somers also competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2015 and continues to act occasionally.

Staci Keanan as Dana Foster

Staci Keanan, who portrayed the intelligent and sarcastic Dana Foster, took a step back from acting to pursue an education. She graduated from UCLA and became an attorney. Keanan has since returned to acting under her real name, Anastasia Sagorsky, appearing in a few independent films.

Brandon Call as J.T. Lambert

Brandon Call played the role of J.T. Lambert, the cool but underachieving eldest son. After the show ended, Call decided to leave acting behind. He has since maintained a low profile, and little is known about his current endeavors.

Angela Watson as Karen Foster

Angela Watson, who played the aspiring model Karen Foster, became an advocate for child actors’ rights. She founded the organization Child Actors Supporting Themselves (CAST), which helps young performers manage their finances and educations. Watson has also continued acting, appearing in independent films and stage productions.

Christine Lakin as Al Lambert

Christine Lakin, known for her role as tomboy Al Lambert, has remained active in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in various TV shows, movies, and stage productions. Lakin also does voice work for video games and animated series and has become a successful director and producer.

Josh Byrne as Brendan Lambert

Josh Byrne, who played the youngest Lambert child, Brendan, stepped away from acting after Step By Step. He has kept a low profile since the show’s end, and not much is known about his current activities.

Christopher Castile as Mark Foster

Christopher Castile, who portrayed the brainy Mark Foster, left acting to focus on academia. He earned a degree in political science and became a history teacher. Castile also obtained a master’s degree in political science and teaches at Biola University.

Sasha Mitchell as Cody Lambert

Sasha Mitchell, the actor behind the lovable but dim-witted Cody Lambert, continued acting in film and television. He has appeared in several action movies and made guest appearances on TV shows. Mitchell has also faced personal challenges but continues to work in the entertainment industry.

Where Are They Now: A Summary Table

ActorCharacterCurrent Endeavors
Patrick DuffyFrank LambertContinued acting, Dallas reunions
Suzanne SomersCarol Foster LambertEntrepreneur, author, occasional acting
Staci KeananDana FosterAttorney, occasional acting
Brandon CallJ.T. LambertLeft acting, maintains a low profile
Angela WatsonKaren FosterAdvocate for child actors, acting
Christine LakinAl LambertActing, voice work, directing, producing
Josh ByrneBrendan LambertStepped away from acting, low profile
Christopher CastileMark FosterHistory teacher, academia
Sasha MitchellCody LambertContinued acting, personal challenges

FAQs About Step By Step Cast

  • Is the Step By Step cast still acting?
    Some cast members, like Patrick Duffy and Christine Lakin, continue to act, while others like Staci Keanan and Christopher Castile have pursued different careers.
  • Has there been a Step By Step reunion?
    As of now, there has not been an official Step By Step reunion show, but cast members have occasionally reunited for interviews or special events.
  • What happened to Sasha Mitchell?
    Sasha Mitchell faced legal issues and personal challenges but continues to act in various projects.
  • Are any of the Step By Step cast members on social media?
    Yes, some cast members like Christine Lakin are active on social media platforms.
  • Did any of the Step By Step cast members transition to successful careers outside of acting?
    Yes, Staci Keanan became an attorney, and Christopher Castile became a history teacher and works in academia.


The cast of Step By Step has taken diverse paths since the show’s finale. While some continued to thrive in the entertainment industry, others found success in completely different fields. Their journeys post-Step By Step reflect a range of experiences and achievements, much like the varied personalities they brought to life on the show. Whether through continued acting, advocacy, education, or personal endeavors, the cast members have moved forward, but they remain fondly remembered for their roles in this classic sitcom.

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