Step By Step Cast Where Are They Now?

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Step By Step was a popular American television sitcom that aired from September 20, 1991, to June 26, 1998. The show centered around a blended family, the Fosters and the Lamberts, as they navigated the challenges of life together. With a total of seven seasons, the show became a staple of 90s family entertainment. Now, years after the final episode, fans often wonder what happened to the beloved cast of Step By Step. In this article, we will take a closer look at where the actors are now and how their careers have evolved since the show ended.

Introduction to Step By Step

Step By Step was created by William Bickley and Michael Warren and became part of ABC’s TGIF lineup. The show starred Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers as single parents Frank Lambert and Carol Foster, who impulsively marry during a vacation in Jamaica, combining their families into one. The series was known for its humor, heartwarming moments, and the chemistry among its cast members.

Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert

Patrick Duffy, who played the laid-back contractor Frank Lambert, continued his acting career after Step By Step. He reprised his iconic role as Bobby Ewing on the revival of Dallas from 2012 to 2014. Duffy has also made guest appearances on various TV shows and has been involved in theater productions. Outside of acting, he has focused on his family and has been an advocate for environmental causes.

Suzanne Somers as Carol Foster Lambert

Suzanne Somers portrayed the caring beautician Carol Foster Lambert. After the show, Somers became a successful entrepreneur and health advocate. She has written numerous books on health and wellness and launched a line of fitness and beauty products. Somers has also competed on Dancing with the Stars and continues to be active in the entertainment industry.

Staci Keanan as Dana Foster

Staci Keanan played the smart and sarcastic Dana Foster. Post-Step By Step, Keanan took a break from acting to pursue an education, earning a degree in Art History and a law degree. She has since returned to acting occasionally and has also worked as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles.

Brandon Call as J.T. Lambert

Brandon Call portrayed the cool and sometimes dim-witted J.T. Lambert. After the series ended, Call stepped away from the spotlight and has kept a low profile. He has not returned to acting and has chosen to live a life away from Hollywood.

Christine Lakin as Al Lambert

Christine Lakin played tomboy Al Lambert. Since the show’s conclusion, Lakin has remained active in the entertainment industry, with roles in both film and television. She has also done voice work for video games and animated series. Lakin is active on social media and often shares updates about her life and career with her fans.

Angela Watson as Karen Foster

Angela Watson, who played the fashion-obsessed Karen Foster, has had a quieter career post-Step By Step. She took a step back from acting to focus on her personal life but has made occasional appearances in independent films. Watson is also an advocate for child actors’ rights and financial protection.

Josh Byrne as Brendan Lambert

Josh Byrne played the youngest Lambert child, Brendan. After the show, Byrne left acting and has since maintained a private life. Information about his current endeavors is scarce, as he has stayed out of the public eye.

Summary Table of Step By Step Cast

ActorCharacterWhere Are They Now?
Patrick DuffyFrank LambertContinued acting, environmental advocate
Suzanne SomersCarol Foster LambertEntrepreneur, health advocate, author
Staci KeananDana FosterReturned to acting, works as a deputy district attorney
Brandon CallJ.T. LambertStepped away from acting, private life
Christine LakinAl LambertContinues acting, voice work
Angela WatsonKaren FosterOccasional acting, child actors’ rights advocate
Josh ByrneBrendan LambertLeft acting, maintains a private life

Life After Step By Step

The cast of Step By Step has taken diverse paths since the show’s finale. While some continued to pursue acting, others found new passions and careers outside of the entertainment industry. Their journeys reflect the varied ways child actors and TV stars navigate their lives post-fame.

Reunions and Nostalgia

Over the years, there have been occasional reunions of the Step By Step cast, much to the delight of fans. These reunions often spark nostalgia and highlight the enduring bond between the cast members. The show’s legacy continues to live on through reruns and streaming platforms, introducing it to new generations.

Impact on Pop Culture

Step By Step made a significant impact on 90s pop culture, with its family-centric storylines and memorable characters. The show is often remembered for its portrayal of a blended family, a theme that was less common on television at the time.

FAQ Section

Is Step By Step still on television?

Yes, Step By Step can still be found in reruns and is available on some streaming platforms.

Have there been any spin-offs or reboots of Step By Step?

As of now, there have been no official spin-offs or reboots of Step By Step.

Did any of the cast members win awards for their roles on the show?

While the show was popular, it did not receive major awards during its original run.

Are the cast members active on social media?

Some cast members, like Christine Lakin, are quite active on social media and engage with fans.

What is the legacy of Step By Step?

The legacy of Step By Step lies in its family-friendly humor and its role in shaping 90s television. It also paved the way for more shows featuring blended families.


The cast of Step By Step has followed various paths since the show’s end, with some continuing in the entertainment industry and others pursuing different careers. Their post-show lives are as diverse as the characters they played, ranging from continued acting to advocacy and entrepreneurship. The show’s impact on pop culture remains evident, as it continues to entertain audiences through reruns and streaming services. The Step By Step family may have said their goodbyes on screen, but they left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and the landscape of family sitcoms.

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