South Beach Tow Where Are They Now?

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“South Beach Tow” was a popular reality television series that aired on truTV from July 2011 to December 2014. The show followed the day-to-day operations of Tremont Towing, a family-run towing business in Miami’s South Beach, and later focused on a rival company called Finest Towing. The series was known for its colorful cast of characters, dramatic confrontations, and over-the-top scenarios that tow truck drivers encountered. As the show has been off the air for several years, fans often wonder what happened to the cast members and where they are now. This article delves into the post-show lives of the “South Beach Tow” crew.

Introduction to “South Beach Tow”

Before we explore where the cast is today, let’s take a brief look at the show’s premise and its impact. “South Beach Tow” was produced by Jennifer Lopez’s production company, Nuyorican Productions, and it quickly became a staple of truTV’s reality lineup. The show’s blend of real towing operations and scripted elements made it a subject of debate regarding its authenticity. Nonetheless, it garnered a dedicated fan base intrigued by the towing world’s drama and the vibrant setting of Miami Beach.

The Cast of “South Beach Tow”

The main cast included the boss, Robert Ashenoff Sr., his children Robbie Jr. and Christie, and a host of other employees like Jerome, Eddie, Bernice, and Perez, among others. Each brought a unique flavor to the show, contributing to its success and memorable moments.

Where Are They Now: The Ashenoff Family

  • Robert Ashenoff Sr.: After the show ended, Robert continued to run Tremont Towing. He remains active in the towing business and occasionally shares updates on social media.
  • Robbie Ashenoff Jr.: Robbie has also continued in the family business, taking on more responsibilities at Tremont Towing. He’s also an avid fisherman, often posting his catches online.
  • Christie Ashenoff: Post-show, Christie has focused on raising her family. She has taken a step back from the spotlight but still supports the family business behind the scenes.

Where Are They Now: The Employees

  • Jerome: Jerome, known for his peacemaking efforts, has kept a low profile since the show’s conclusion. Information about his current endeavors is limited.
  • Eddie: Eddie, one of the drivers, has continued working in the towing industry and occasionally shares his life updates on social media.
  • Bernice: Bernice, a fan favorite for her no-nonsense attitude, has made appearances on other television shows and continues to entertain her followers on social media.
  • Perez: Perez’s whereabouts are less known, as he has stepped away from the public eye since the show ended.

Post-Show Careers and Ventures

Many cast members have explored new opportunities beyond towing. Some have ventured into entertainment, while others have started their own businesses or joined different industries. The show’s exposure provided them with a platform to expand their horizons.

Reality TV’s Impact on Cast Members

Being part of a reality TV show can have lasting effects on its participants. For some “South Beach Tow” cast members, the fame has opened doors, while for others, it has been a chapter they’ve chosen to close. The show’s legacy continues to influence their lives in various ways.

Life After Reality TV: Challenges and Changes

Transitioning from reality TV back to normal life poses challenges. The cast has had to deal with the loss of regular income from the show, privacy issues, and the need to re-establish their careers outside of television.

Community Involvement and Charity Work

Several cast members have used their platform to give back to the community. They’ve been involved in charity events and local initiatives, showing that their commitment to helping others extends beyond the screen.

Keeping Up with the Cast: Social Media Presence

Social media has been a vital tool for former “South Beach Tow” stars to stay connected with fans. Many have active profiles where they share personal and professional updates, engaging with those who supported them during their TV days.

Reunions and Possible Show Revivals

Fans often speculate about reunions or a possible revival of “South Beach Tow.” While there has been no official announcement, the idea of revisiting the cast and their towing adventures continues to excite viewers.

Cast Members’ Thoughts on the Show’s Legacy

In interviews and social media posts, some cast members have reflected on their time on “South Beach Tow” with fondness, acknowledging the show’s impact on their lives and careers.

Table: “South Beach Tow” Cast Whereabouts

Cast MemberCurrent EndeavorNotes
Robert Ashenoff Sr.Towing BusinessContinues to run Tremont Towing
Robbie Ashenoff Jr.Towing Business/FishingActive in the family business and fishing community
Christie AshenoffFamily LifeSupports family business, focused on family
JeromeUnknownMaintains a private life post-show
EddieTowing IndustryContinues working in towing, shares life updates
BerniceEntertainment/Social MediaMade TV appearances, active on social media
PerezUnknownStepped away from the public eye

FAQs About “South Beach Tow” and Its Cast

  • Is “South Beach Tow” still on the air? No, the show ended in December 2014.
  • Was “South Beach Tow” scripted? The show was a mix of real towing operations and scripted elements for entertainment.
  • Can I still watch “South Beach Tow” episodes? Yes, episodes are available on various streaming platforms and reruns may be aired on television.
  • Have any cast members continued in reality TV? Some have made appearances on other shows, but none have starred in a new reality series.
  • Do the cast members still work in towing? Many of them continue to work in the towing industry, particularly those from the Ashenoff family.


The cast of “South Beach Tow” has moved on in various directions since the show’s conclusion. While some have remained in the towing business, others have pursued different paths. Their time on reality TV has left an indelible mark, providing them with experiences and opportunities that continue to shape their lives. Fans who grew attached to the dynamic personalities of Tremont Towing can still keep up with their favorite cast members through social media and occasional public appearances. The legacy of “South Beach Tow” lives on through the memories of its viewers and the ongoing careers of its stars.

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