Season 7 Amazing Race Where Are They Now?

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The Amazing Race Season 7, which aired in 2005, was one of the most thrilling installments of the popular reality TV series. It featured 11 teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship, racing around the world for a million-dollar prize. As with any season of The Amazing Race, viewers became invested in the contestants’ stories, cheering for their successes and feeling the sting of their setbacks. Now, years after the race around the world, fans are curious about where the contestants from Season 7 are today. In this article, we’ll catch up with the racers and see what paths their lives have taken since their globe-trotting adventure.

Introduction to Season 7 of The Amazing Race

Season 7 of The Amazing Race was notable for several reasons. It featured a diverse cast, including Survivor winners, a beauty queen, and a former POW. The race spanned 40,000 miles and included visits to 10 countries. The challenges were as varied as they were intense, testing teams physically, mentally, and emotionally. Uchenna and Joyce Agu were the winners of this season, narrowly beating Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich in a dramatic footrace to the finish line.

Where Are the Season 7 Contestants Now?

Since the show ended, the contestants have taken different paths, some staying in the public eye while others have returned to their private lives. Here’s a look at where some of the most memorable teams from Season 7 are now.

Uchenna and Joyce Agu

The winners of Season 7, Uchenna and Joyce, faced many challenges during the race, including Joyce shaving her head for a Fast Forward. After their win, they appeared in The Amazing Race: All-Stars but were eliminated early. The couple was very open about their struggles with infertility during the race, and their prize money helped them continue treatments. Unfortunately, they later divorced, and their current whereabouts are more private.

Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich

Rob and Amber, also known as “Romber,” were already famous for their appearances on Survivor. After The Amazing Race, they continued to capitalize on their reality TV fame. Rob has appeared on Survivor multiple times and even won Survivor: Redemption Island. Amber has stepped back from the spotlight to focus on family life. The couple has four daughters and remains active on social media.

Ron Young and Kelly McCorkle

Ron, a former POW, and Kelly, a beauty queen, finished third in the race. Their relationship did not last after the show, and they went their separate ways. Ron continued his military career and is now a motivational speaker. Kelly married and is now Kelly McCorkle Parkison, involved in charity work and has written a book about her adoption journey.

Meredith and Gretchen Smith

As the oldest team to ever make it to the final four, Meredith and Gretchen became fan favorites. After the race, they returned to their quiet life but remained active in their community. They often speak about their experience on The Amazing Race and how it impacted their lives.

Lynn Warren and Alex Ali

The boyfriends from West Hollywood were known for their humor and competitive spirit. After the race, they continued their relationship for a while but eventually parted ways. Lynn has worked in the entertainment industry, while Alex has been involved in digital marketing and social media.

Brian and Greg Smith

The brothers known for their laid-back attitude and surfer looks have maintained a low profile since their time on the show. They have continued their close relationship and occasionally share updates through social media.

Susan and Patrick Vaughn

Mother and son team Susan and Patrick were eliminated early in the race. They have since kept out of the public eye, with Patrick pursuing a career in writing.

Debbie Cloyed and Bianca Smith

The lifelong friends had an early exit from the race but have remained active in their respective careers. Debbie pursued photography and writing, while Bianca has been involved in education and advocacy work.

Ray Housteau and Deana Shane

The dating couple had a tumultuous relationship during the race. They have since split up, with Ray staying out of the public eye and Deana becoming a personal trainer.

Megan Baker and Heidi Heidel

The roommates from California were known for their positive attitudes. Post-race, they have kept a low profile, with Megan working in the healthcare industry and Heidi focusing on her family.

Ryan Phillips and Chuck Horton

Best friends Ryan and Chuck were the first team eliminated. They returned to their lives in South Carolina, with Ryan working in real estate and Chuck in the restaurant business.

Summary Table of Contestants

Here’s a quick summary of the Season 7 contestants and their whereabouts:

Impact of The Amazing Race on Contestants’ Lives

Participating in The Amazing Race is a transformative experience for many contestants. It often leads to increased self-awareness, stronger relationships, and a new perspective on the world. For some, it has opened doors to new opportunities in the public eye, while for others, it has been a cherished adventure before returning to normal life.

FAQs About Season 7 Amazing Race Contestants

  • Did any teams from Season 7 return for All-Stars?
    Yes, Uchenna and Joyce, as well as Rob and Amber, returned for The Amazing Race: All-Stars.
  • Have any of the Season 7 contestants written books?
    Yes, Kelly McCorkle Parkison has written a book about her adoption journey.
  • Are any of the Season 7 contestants still in the entertainment industry?
    Lynn Warren has worked in the entertainment industry, and Rob Mariano has made multiple appearances on Survivor.
  • Did any relationships from Season 7 last after the show?
    While some relationships, like Rob and Amber’s, have lasted, others like Ron and Kelly’s, and Lynn and Alex’s, have ended.
  • What was the most memorable moment from Season 7?
    One of the most memorable moments was Uchenna and Joyce’s narrow victory over Rob and Amber in the final leg of the race.


The Amazing Race Season 7 was a season filled with memorable characters, intense competition, and emotional moments. Years after the race has ended, the contestants have taken various paths in life. While some have continued to seek the spotlight, others have enjoyed their privacy. Their experiences on the race have left lasting impressions, providing them with unique stories to tell for years to come. Whether they returned to ordinary life or pursued new adventures, the racers of Season 7 have all moved forward, carrying with them the memories of a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world.

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