Sarah Lawrence Cult Where Are They Now?

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Introduction to the Sarah Lawrence Cult

The Sarah Lawrence Cult, also known as the Nxivm-like group, gained notoriety in 2019 when details emerged about its leader, Lawrence Ray, exploiting and manipulating students from Sarah Lawrence College. The case shocked the public due to the involvement of young, vulnerable college students and the heinous nature of the crimes committed, including extortion, forced labor, and sex trafficking. This article delves into the current status of the key figures involved in the cult, providing a comprehensive update on where they are now.

The Rise of the Sarah Lawrence Cult

The cult’s origins trace back to 2010 when Lawrence Ray moved into his daughter’s on-campus housing at Sarah Lawrence College. Ray, a charismatic figure, quickly gained influence over his daughter’s roommates, eventually leading to the formation of the cult. Over time, Ray manipulated the students through psychological tactics, eventually controlling their lives and finances.

The Downfall of Lawrence Ray

Lawrence Ray’s control over the group came to an end when former members came forward, and an article in New York Magazine exposed his actions. Ray was arrested in February 2020, facing charges of extortion, sex trafficking, and forced labor among others. His trial brought to light the extent of his manipulation and abuse.

Where Are They Now: Lawrence Ray

As of the latest updates, Lawrence Ray is awaiting trial after pleading not guilty to the charges against him. His case has been delayed multiple times, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ray remains in custody as he awaits his day in court.

Impact on the Victims

The victims of the Sarah Lawrence Cult have endured significant psychological trauma. Many have sought therapy and legal assistance to recover from the abuse. The process of healing and reclaiming their lives continues to be a challenging journey for each of them.

The legal proceedings for the Sarah Lawrence Cult case are ongoing. As the judicial system takes its course, the public eagerly awaits the sentencing of Lawrence Ray and any accomplices. The outcome of the trial will be a significant milestone for the victims and their families.

Media Coverage and Public Reaction

The case has received widespread media coverage, with the public expressing outrage and sympathy for the victims. Documentaries and articles continue to analyze how such a cult could form in a prestigious institution like Sarah Lawrence College.

Reforms at Sarah Lawrence College

In response to the scandal, Sarah Lawrence College has taken steps to improve campus safety and prevent similar situations. The college has reviewed its housing policies and increased resources for student mental health and well-being.

Support for the Survivors

Survivors of the Sarah Lawrence Cult have received support from various organizations and communities. Efforts to provide counseling, legal aid, and advocacy are ongoing, helping the victims to rebuild their lives.

Table: Summary of the Sarah Lawrence Cult Status

Lawrence RayAwaiting TrialIn custody, pleaded not guilty
VictimsRecoveringSeeking therapy and legal assistance
Sarah Lawrence CollegeImplementing ReformsReviewed housing policies, increased mental health resources

Continued Investigation

The investigation into the Sarah Lawrence Cult is still active, with authorities looking into potential additional victims and accomplices. The full scope of the cult’s activities may yet be uncovered as the investigation progresses.

Public Interest in Cult Dynamics

The Sarah Lawrence Cult case has sparked a broader interest in the dynamics of cults and how individuals can be susceptible to such extreme manipulation. Experts in psychology and sociology have weighed in, providing insights into the phenomenon.

Documentaries and Books

The story of the Sarah Lawrence Cult has inspired documentaries and books, aiming to shed light on the events and serve as a cautionary tale. These works contribute to the public’s understanding of the case and the importance of vigilance against similar abuses.

FAQ Section

What was the Sarah Lawrence Cult?

The Sarah Lawrence Cult was a group formed by Lawrence Ray, who manipulated and abused students from Sarah Lawrence College for personal gain.

Who is Lawrence Ray?

Lawrence Ray is the leader of the cult, currently awaiting trial for charges including extortion, sex trafficking, and forced labor.

How did the cult come to light?

The cult was exposed after former members spoke out and an article in New York Magazine detailed Ray’s abuses.

What has happened to the victims?

The victims are in the process of recovery, seeking therapy and legal assistance to overcome the trauma they experienced.

Has Sarah Lawrence College taken any measures since the scandal?

Yes, the college has implemented reforms to improve campus safety and support student mental health.


The Sarah Lawrence Cult remains a stark reminder of the potential for abuse within trusted institutions. As the legal proceedings against Lawrence Ray continue, the victims work towards healing, supported by a community that seeks justice and reform. The case has prompted a reevaluation of campus policies and a deeper understanding of cult dynamics. While the full impact of the cult’s activities is still being uncovered, the resilience of the survivors and the pursuit of accountability offer hope for a future where such abuses are less likely to occur.

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