Ryan’S Hope Cast Where Are They Now?

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Ryan’s Hope was a popular American soap opera that aired on ABC from 1975 to 1989. The show focused on the trials and tribulations of a large Irish-American family in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Over the years, the series became known for its well-written characters and strong performances. As with any long-running show, many viewers grow attached to the actors and wonder where they are now. In this article, we’ll take a look at the cast of Ryan’s Hope and catch up with their lives and careers after the show.

Introduction to Ryan’s Hope

Ryan’s Hope was a groundbreaking soap opera that captured the hearts of millions of viewers during its 14-year run. The show was created by Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer and featured storylines that ranged from romantic entanglements to complex family dynamics. The Ryan family, around which the show revolved, became a staple in American daytime television, and the actors who portrayed these beloved characters left a lasting impression on their audience.

Main Cast Members: Then and Now

The cast of Ryan’s Hope was a mix of seasoned actors and fresh faces who brought the fictional Ryan family and their associates to life. Let’s take a look at some of the main cast members and where they are today.

Helen Gallagher (Maeve Ryan)

Helen Gallagher played the matriarch of the Ryan family, Maeve Ryan. Known for her warmth and wisdom, Gallagher’s portrayal earned her several Daytime Emmy Awards. After the show ended, Gallagher continued to act, appearing in various stage productions and teaching acting. She has since retired from acting but remains a respected figure in the theater community.

Bernard Barrow (Johnny Ryan)

Bernard Barrow portrayed Johnny Ryan, the patriarch of the Ryan family. Barrow was already a veteran actor when he joined the cast and continued to work in television after the show’s conclusion, including a role on “Loving.” Sadly, Barrow passed away in 1993.

Ilene Kristen (Delia Ryan)

Ilene Kristen brought to life the character of Delia Ryan, known for her tumultuous relationships and scheming ways. Kristen went on to have a successful career in soap operas, with notable roles on “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital.” She continues to act and perform in various projects.

Michael Levin (Jack Fenelli)

Michael Levin played the role of Jack Fenelli, a journalist and love interest to several characters on the show. After Ryan’s Hope, Levin appeared in other television shows and movies, and he has also worked as a writer and director. He remains active in the entertainment industry.

Nancy Addison (Jill Coleridge)

Nancy Addison portrayed Jill Coleridge, a lawyer and central character in many of the show’s storylines. Addison continued acting until her untimely death in 2002. She is remembered for her contributions to television and her charitable work.

Ron Hale (Dr. Roger Coleridge)

Ron Hale played Dr. Roger Coleridge, a character who experienced his fair share of drama. After the show, Hale joined the cast of “General Hospital” as Mike Corbin, a role he played for over 20 years before retiring from acting.

Supporting Cast: Where Are They Now?

In addition to the main cast, Ryan’s Hope featured a number of supporting characters who were integral to the show’s success. Here’s an update on some of those actors.

Malcolm Groome (Patrick Ryan)

Malcolm Groome, who played Patrick Ryan, took a break from acting after the show ended but later returned to the stage and screen. He has kept a relatively low profile in recent years.

Hannibal Penney, Jr. (Little John Ryan)

Hannibal Penney, Jr. was a child actor who played Little John Ryan. After leaving the show, Penney stepped away from the spotlight and has since pursued a career outside of acting.

Kate Mulgrew (Mary Ryan)

Kate Mulgrew portrayed Mary Ryan, one of the Ryan siblings. Mulgrew went on to achieve fame as Captain Kathryn Janeway on “Star Trek: Voyager” and as Galina “Red” Reznikov on “Orange Is the New Black.” She continues to have a successful acting career.

Earl Hindman (Bob Reid)

Earl Hindman played Bob Reid before becoming widely known as Wilson on “Home Improvement.” Hindman passed away in 2003, but he is fondly remembered for his roles on both television and film.

Guest Stars and Recurring Roles

Ryan’s Hope also featured a number of guest stars and actors in recurring roles who went on to have notable careers.

Yasmine Bleeth (Ryan Fenelli)

Yasmine Bleeth, who played Ryan Fenelli as a child, became famous for her role on “Baywatch.” She has since stepped back from acting but remains a pop culture icon.

Corbin Bernsen (Ken Graham)

Corbin Bernsen appeared on Ryan’s Hope early in his career before landing his breakout role on “L.A. Law.” Bernsen continues to act and has also worked as a director and producer.

Memorable Moments and Legacy

Ryan’s Hope is remembered for its groundbreaking storylines, including social issues and its portrayal of a strong, working-class family. The show’s legacy continues through its impact on the soap opera genre and the careers it launched.

Table Summary: Ryan’s Hope Cast Where Are They Now?

ActorCharacterCurrent Status
Helen GallagherMaeve RyanRetired from acting
Bernard BarrowJohnny RyanDeceased (1993)
Ilene KristenDelia RyanContinues to act
Michael LevinJack FenelliActive in entertainment industry
Nancy AddisonJill ColeridgeDeceased (2002)
Ron HaleDr. Roger ColeridgeRetired from acting
Malcolm GroomePatrick RyanLow profile, occasional acting
Hannibal Penney, Jr.Little John RyanCareer outside of acting
Kate MulgrewMary RyanSuccessful acting career
Earl HindmanBob ReidDeceased (2003)
Yasmine BleethRyan FenelliStepped back from acting
Corbin BernsenKen GrahamContinues to act, direct, produce

FAQs: Ryan’s Hope Cast Where Are They Now?

  • What was Ryan’s Hope about?
    Ryan’s Hope was a soap opera centered around the lives of the Ryan family, an Irish-American family living in New York City.
  • How long did Ryan’s Hope run?
    The show aired from 1975 to 1989, totaling 14 years on air.
  • Did any of the Ryan’s Hope cast members win awards for their performances?
    Yes, several cast members, including Helen Gallagher, won Daytime Emmy Awards for their roles on the show.
  • Are any of the original cast members still acting today?
    Yes, some cast members like Ilene Kristen and Kate Mulgrew continue to have active acting careers.
  • Has Ryan’s Hope had any lasting impact on television?
    The show is credited with addressing social issues and portraying a strong, working-class family, influencing the soap opera genre and beyond.


The cast of Ryan’s Hope has experienced a wide range of career paths since the show ended. While some have continued to thrive in the entertainment industry, others have retired or passed away. The show’s legacy lives on through its former cast members and the impact it had on daytime television. Ryan’s Hope will always be remembered for its compelling storytelling and the talented actors who brought the Ryan family’s story to life.

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