Real World Portland Cast Where Are They Now?

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Real World Portland, the twenty-eighth season of MTV’s reality television series “The Real World,” which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, aired in 2013. The cast members’ experiences were recorded as they navigated personal relationships, career goals, and the challenges of living with new people. Now, years after the show, fans are curious about where the cast members have ended up. This article will delve into the lives of the Real World Portland cast and catch up with their current endeavors.

Introduction to Real World Portland

Real World Portland brought together eight strangers to live in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon. The cast members, with their distinct personalities and backgrounds, provided viewers with an entertaining mix of drama, romance, and personal growth. As with all seasons of “The Real World,” the Portland season was a social experiment that offered a glimpse into the lives of young adults grappling with the realities of adulthood. Now, let’s take a look at where the cast members are today.

Real World Portland Cast: A Snapshot

Before we dive into the individual updates, here’s a quick summary table of the Real World Portland cast and their current status:

NameOccupationNotable Updates
Jordan WiseleyEntrepreneur/TV PersonalityCompeted on MTV’s The Challenge, launched a clothing brand
Nia MooreAuthor/EntrepreneurPublished a book, started a business
Johnny ReillyReality TV PersonalityContinued appearances on The Challenge
Averey TresslerModel/InfluencerModeling career, social media presence
Marlon WilliamsMusician/Personal TrainerReleased music, fitness career
Anastasia MillerSinger/SongwriterPursuing music, personal development
Jessica McCainReality TV PersonalityParticipated in The Challenge, personal life updates
Joi NiemeyerModel/Healthcare ProfessionalModeling, healthcare career

Jordan Wiseley: From Reality Star to Entrepreneur

Jordan Wiseley, known for his competitive nature and athleticism on Real World Portland, has continued to make a name for himself in the reality TV world. He has appeared on multiple seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, where he showcased his physical and strategic prowess. Off-screen, Jordan has channeled his entrepreneurial spirit into launching Strapped, a clothing brand that reflects his edgy style and love for motorcycles. His personal life has also been in the spotlight, including a publicized relationship with fellow Challenge competitor Tori Deal.

Nia Moore: Author and Businesswoman

Nia Moore, who was known for her bold personality on the show, has taken her storytelling skills to the literary world. She authored a book that delves into her personal experiences and the lessons she’s learned along the way. Nia has also ventured into the business realm, starting her own company. Her social media platforms showcase her continued advocacy for self-love and empowerment.

Johnny Reilly: Reality TV Veteran

Johnny Reilly, another Real World Portland alum, has maintained his presence on reality television by participating in several seasons of The Challenge. His competitive nature has kept him in the spotlight, and fans have followed his journey through the various challenges and alliances he’s formed. Outside of TV, Johnny keeps a relatively low profile, with social media updates focusing on his personal life and adventures.

Averey Tressler: Modeling and Influencing

Averey Tressler’s journey after Real World Portland led her into the world of modeling and social media influencing. With a significant following on platforms like Instagram, Averey shares her life experiences, modeling gigs, and partnerships with brands. Her relationship with fellow cast member Johnny Reilly was a focal point during and after the show, but they have since parted ways.

Marlon Williams: Music and Fitness

Marlon Williams, known as “Jay Dillinger” in his music career, has continued to pursue his passion for music after his time on Real World Portland. He has released several tracks and music videos, showcasing his talent as a rapper and musician. Marlon is also dedicated to fitness and has become a personal trainer, helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

Anastasia Miller: Pursuing Music and Growth

Anastasia Miller’s time on Real World Portland highlighted her aspirations as a singer and songwriter. Since the show, she has continued to work on her music, releasing songs that reflect her personal journey and growth. Anastasia is also focused on her personal development, sharing insights and inspiration with her followers on social media.

Jessica McCain: From The Real World to The Challenge

Jessica McCain, known for her sweet demeanor on Real World Portland, went on to compete on The Challenge, where she proved her mettle in the competitive environment. Jessica has been open about her personal life on social media, including her marriage and the birth of her child, allowing fans to stay connected with her post-reality TV life.

Joi Niemeyer: Balancing Modeling and Healthcare

Joi Niemeyer, who left Real World Portland early in the season, has balanced a career in modeling with a profession in the healthcare industry. Her social media presence reflects her commitment to both fields, as she shares updates on her modeling projects and her work as a healthcare professional.

FAQs About Real World Portland Cast

  • Has any member of the Real World Portland cast won The Challenge?
    Yes, Jordan Wiseley has won multiple seasons of The Challenge.
  • Are any of the Real World Portland cast members still in entertainment?
    Several cast members, including Jordan Wiseley and Jessica McCain, have continued to appear on reality TV shows like The Challenge.
  • Did any relationships from Real World Portland last?
    Averey Tressler and Johnny Reilly’s relationship was a significant storyline during and after the show, but they have since broken up.
  • What kind of business did Nia Moore start?
    Nia Moore has not publicly disclosed the specifics of her business venture, but she has mentioned entrepreneurship on her social media platforms.
  • Is Marlon Williams still making music?
    Yes, Marlon Williams continues to release music under his stage name Jay Dillinger.


The Real World Portland cast members have taken diverse paths since their time on the show, with many leveraging their reality TV fame to pursue careers in entertainment, entrepreneurship, and other fields. They’ve grown and evolved, facing new challenges and celebrating personal milestones. While some have stayed in the public eye, others have chosen more private lives. Their journeys remind us of the unique opportunities and platforms that reality TV can provide and how individuals can use them to shape their futures. As fans, we continue to watch and support their endeavors, wherever they may lead.

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