One Of Us Documentary Where Are They Now 2021?

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“One of Us” is a gripping documentary that was released on Netflix in 2017. Directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, the film follows the lives of three individuals – Etty, Ari, and Luzer – who decided to leave their Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York. The documentary delves into their struggles with ostracism, adjustment to the outside world, and the challenges they face in reconciling their past with their present and future. As viewers, we were left with a poignant understanding of their journeys, but many are curious about where the subjects of the documentary are now, as of 2021.

Introduction to “One of Us” Documentary

“One of Us” explores the opaque world of Hasidic Judaism through a cadre of fascinating characters. The film’s raw portrayal of their emotional and social turmoil as they transition away from their insular community has left a lasting impact on audiences. Since its release, many have wondered about the current status of Etty, Ari, and Luzer. This article aims to provide an update on their lives as of 2021.

Etty’s Journey After “One of Us”

Etty, a courageous woman who left an abusive marriage within the community, faced a harrowing custody battle for her seven children. Her story was particularly heart-wrenching as she fought against a system that seemed stacked against her.

Etty’s Life in 2021

As of 2021, Etty has continued to advocate for herself and others who leave ultra-Orthodox communities. She has become a symbol of resilience and hope for many. Despite the challenges, Etty has managed to build a new life for herself, focusing on her personal growth and the well-being of her children.

Ari’s Path Since Leaving the Hasidic Community

Ari’s story in “One of Us” highlighted the struggle of a young man grappling with the aftermath of trauma and the search for his identity outside the only community he had ever known.

Where is Ari Now?

In 2021, Ari has made significant strides in his personal development. He has been open about his mental health journey and continues to explore his identity and beliefs. Ari’s progress is a testament to his strength and the support he has found in his new community.

Luzer’s Transition into the Secular World

Luzer, an aspiring actor, offered a glimpse into the complexities of leaving the Hasidic world to pursue personal dreams. His pursuit of an acting career was a central theme in the documentary.

Luzer’s Career and Life Update

By 2021, Luzer has furthered his acting career and has taken on various roles that showcase his talent. His journey has inspired many, demonstrating that it is possible to redefine one’s path and succeed against the odds.

Summary Table of “One of Us” Subjects in 2021

NameStatus in 2021Notable Developments
EttyAdvocate and SpeakerContinued fight for her children, personal growth
AriExploring IdentityMental health advocacy, community involvement
LuzerActorActing career progression, inspiring others

Community Response and Impact

The Hasidic community’s response to “One of Us” was mixed. While some criticized the film for its portrayal of the community, others acknowledged the importance of discussing the issues it raised. The documentary has had a significant impact on public awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by those who leave ultra-Orthodox communities.

Public Perception and Support

Since the release of “One of Us,” there has been an outpouring of support for Etty, Ari, and Luzer from viewers around the world. Many have expressed admiration for their courage and have offered assistance in various forms.

The legal and social landscape for individuals leaving ultra-Orthodox communities has seen some progress since the documentary’s release. There is a growing movement to provide support and resources to those in similar situations.

Media Attention and Opportunities

The media attention garnered by “One of Us” has opened up new opportunities for dialogue and education regarding religious freedom and individual rights. It has also provided the subjects with platforms to share their stories more widely.

Continued Advocacy and Awareness

Etty, Ari, and Luzer have used their experiences to advocate for others and raise awareness about the challenges of leaving insular religious communities. Their stories continue to resonate and inspire change.

Challenges and Resilience

Despite the progress, the subjects of “One of Us” still face challenges. Their resilience in overcoming these obstacles is a powerful reminder of the human spirit’s capacity for growth and transformation.

FAQ Section

What is the “One of Us” documentary about?

“One of Us” is a documentary that follows three individuals who leave their Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn and the challenges they face in their new lives.

How have the subjects of the documentary been received by their former community?

The reception has been mixed, with some criticism from within the Hasidic community and support from those who understand their struggles.

While there have been some advancements in support systems, the legal changes are complex and ongoing.

Are there support networks for others like Etty, Ari, and Luzer?

Yes, there are organizations and support networks that help individuals transitioning out of ultra-Orthodox communities.

Can I watch “One of Us” on Netflix?

Yes, “One of Us” is available to stream on Netflix.


The journey of Etty, Ari, and Luzer since the release of “One of Us” is a testament to the human capacity for resilience and change. Their stories have not only provided them with a platform to advocate for others but have also raised awareness about the complexities of leaving insular religious communities. As of 2021, they continue to inspire and challenge societal norms, reminding us of the importance of supporting those who seek to forge new paths in life.

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