Mythbusters Where Are They Now?

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Introduction to Mythbusters and Its Legacy

Mythbusters, the iconic science entertainment television program, captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of scientific method and explosive experimentation. The show, which aired from 2003 to 2016, was hosted by special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who, along with their team, sought to debunk or confirm popular myths, rumors, and movie scenes. The series became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring a generation to question and test the world around them. But since the show’s conclusion, fans have been curious about the paths taken by the beloved cast members. In this article, we’ll explore where the Mythbusters are now and how they’ve continued to influence the world of science and entertainment.

Adam Savage: From Mythbuster to Maker Mogul

Adam Savage, known for his boundless energy and creative approach to problem-solving, has continued to thrive in the public eye. After Mythbusters, he launched “Tested,” a digital content platform where he and a team of makers delve into projects, reviews, and one-day builds. Savage also authored a book titled “Every Tool’s a Hammer,” sharing his insights on making and creativity. Additionally, he has returned to television with “Savage Builds,” a series that focuses on extreme engineering challenges.

Jamie Hyneman: The Quiet Innovator’s Journey

Jamie Hyneman, the more reserved counterpart to Savage, has taken a step back from the limelight. Post-Mythbusters, he has focused on his personal passion for invention and innovation. Hyneman has been involved in various research and development projects, including work with the U.S. government on safety and military technology. He has also been a guest speaker at various events, sharing his expertise in special effects and innovation.

Kari Byron: Continuing the Science Communication Mission

Kari Byron, a fan favorite for her enthusiasm and artistic flair, has remained active in science communication. She has hosted and produced several shows, including “Head Rush,” “The White Rabbit Project,” and “Crash Test World.” Byron is also an advocate for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education and has written a book titled “Crash Test Girl,” which explores her experiences on Mythbusters and her life as a science communicator.

Tory Belleci: From Mythbusting to Model Making

Tory Belleci, known for his daring stunts and special effects expertise, has continued to work in television. Alongside Byron, he co-hosted “The White Rabbit Project” on Netflix, which investigated topics like superpowers and heists through experiments and builds. Belleci has also returned to his roots in model making, working on various film and television projects, and sharing his creations with fans through social media and convention appearances.

Grant Imahara: A Legacy of Robotics and Passion

Grant Imahara, the beloved robotics expert and electrical engineer, continued to share his passion for technology until his untimely passing in 2020. Imahara co-hosted “The White Rabbit Project” and was involved in numerous projects, including creating animatronics for films and hosting web series. His sudden death shocked the Mythbusters community, but his impact on the field of robotics and his role in making science accessible and entertaining lives on.

Mythbusters: The Search for New Talent

After the original Mythbusters series ended, the franchise attempted to find a new generation of mythbusters with “Mythbusters: The Search.” This reality competition aimed to find new hosts for a reboot of the series. However, the rebooted version did not achieve the same level of success as the original and was short-lived.

Mythbusters Jr.: Inspiring the Next Generation

Adam Savage returned to the Mythbusters world with “Mythbusters Jr.,” a series that featured Savage mentoring a group of talented kids as they tackled myths with the same rigor as the original show. The series aimed to inspire and educate a younger audience, showcasing the fun and excitement of science and engineering.

Behind the Scenes: The Mythbusters Crew

The Mythbusters show was not only about the hosts but also the dedicated crew behind the scenes. Many of the crew members have continued to work in television and film production, bringing their expertise to new projects and continuing to contribute to the industry in various technical roles.

Mythbusters Exhibit and Touring

The legacy of Mythbusters extends beyond television with “Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition,” which toured museums across the United States. The exhibit allowed fans to engage with hands-on experiments and props from the show, further cementing the Mythbusters’ impact on popularizing science.

Public Appearances and Conventions

The cast of Mythbusters has remained connected to their fan base through public appearances at science events and pop culture conventions. These events often feature panels, Q&A sessions, and autograph signings, allowing fans to interact with their favorite mythbusters and learn about their current projects.

Mythbusters in Academia and Education

Several Mythbusters cast members have taken their passion for science to academia, participating in lectures and workshops at universities and educational institutions. Their involvement in education underscores their commitment to fostering a love for science and critical thinking among students.

Mythbusters and Social Media

The Mythbusters have maintained a strong presence on social media platforms, where they share insights into their latest projects, personal musings, and engage with the science community. Social media has allowed them to continue the dialogue started by the show and to remain influential figures in the world of science communication.

Mythbusters Merchandise and Memorabilia

The brand of Mythbusters has expanded into merchandise, including clothing, books, and collectibles. Fans can own a piece of the show’s history and celebrate their love for the series through various memorabilia.

Mythbusters has left an indelible mark on popular culture, influencing other television shows, online content creators, and even educational curricula. The show’s approach to scientific inquiry and entertainment has inspired many to view the world with a more critical and inquisitive eye.

Mythbusters Cast Collaborations

Occasionally, the Mythbusters cast reunites for special projects or collaborations, much to the delight of fans. These reunions are a testament to the strong relationships formed during the show’s run and the enduring appeal of the Mythbusters team.

Summary Table: Mythbusters Where Are They Now?

MythbusterCurrent Endeavors
Adam SavageTested platform, “Savage Builds,” author
Jamie HynemanR&D projects, public speaking
Kari ByronScience communication, author, STEAM advocate
Tory BelleciTelevision hosting, model making
Grant ImaharaRemembered for his contributions to robotics and science communication

FAQs: Mythbusters Where Are They Now?

  • Is Mythbusters still airing new episodes?
    No, the original Mythbusters series concluded in 2016. However, there have been spin-offs and related series featuring the hosts.
  • What is Adam Savage doing now?
    Adam Savage is involved with his digital platform “Tested,” hosts “Savage Builds,” and engages in various maker-related projects.
  • Has Jamie Hyneman retired from television?
    While Jamie Hyneman is less active in television, he continues to work on R&D projects and occasionally makes public appearances.
  • Are there any Mythbusters reunions?
    The cast members sometimes collaborate on projects and appear together at conventions and special events.
  • Can I visit a Mythbusters exhibit?
    “Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition” toured museums but check local listings for current availability or similar exhibits.

Conclusion: The Enduring Influence of Mythbusters

The Mythbusters may have concluded their television series, but their influence continues to resonate in the realms of science, education, and entertainment. Each cast member has pursued their passions, contributing to the world in unique ways while upholding the spirit of curiosity and inquiry that Mythbusters championed. Whether through public speaking, television hosting, writing, or social media, the Mythbusters remain relevant figures, inspiring new generations to ask questions and seek answers. Their legacy is a testament to the power of combining education with entertainment, and their impact will be felt for years to come.

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