My Five Wives Where Are They Now 2021?

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My Five Wives: Where Are They Now 2021?

The reality TV show “My Five Wives” captivated audiences with its inside look at the life of Brady Williams, his five wives, and their combined 24 children. The show, which aired on TLC, followed the polygamous family as they navigated the complexities of their unconventional lifestyle. Since the show’s conclusion, many fans have been curious about the current status of the Williams family. In this article, we delve into the lives of Brady Williams and his wives as of 2021, exploring their personal growth, career developments, and family dynamics.

Introduction to the Williams Family
Before we explore where each member of the Williams family is now, let’s briefly recap who they are. Brady Williams is the patriarch of the family, and his wives are Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda. Each wife has a unique personality and role within the family, and together they have faced the challenges and joys of polygamous living.

Brady Williams: The Patriarch’s Path

Brady Williams, the head of the family, has continued to advocate for polygamous rights and has been involved in various business ventures. He has also focused on strengthening his relationships with his wives and children, ensuring that the family bond remains strong despite the public scrutiny they have faced.

Paulie Williams: Embracing Change

Paulie, Brady’s first wife, has been embracing change and personal development. She has been active in community service and continues to be a pillar of strength for the family.

Robyn Williams: Pursuing Passions

Robyn, the second wife, has been pursuing her passions and focusing on her personal interests. She has also been actively involved in the education of her children.

Rosemary Williams: Advocacy and Growth

Rosemary, Brady’s third wife, has been an advocate for mental health awareness and has been working on her own personal growth and self-discovery.

Nonie Williams: Career and Family

Nonie, the fourth wife, has been balancing her career aspirations with her responsibilities as a mother and member of the Williams family.

Rhonda Williams: Overcoming Challenges

Rhonda, the fifth wife, has faced health challenges but has shown resilience and determination to overcome them while maintaining her role in the family.

Family Dynamics and Relationships

The Williams family continues to navigate the complexities of their relationships, with each wife and child contributing to the family’s evolving dynamic. They have worked on communication and understanding to maintain harmony within their large family.

Public Perception and Media

Since the show ended, the Williams family has had to deal with the public’s perception and the media’s interest in their lives. They have strived to present a positive image of polygamous families and to dispel common misconceptions.

Advocacy for Polygamous Rights

Brady and his wives have been vocal advocates for the rights of polygamous families, seeking to change laws and societal attitudes that discriminate against their lifestyle.

Personal Growth and Education

Education has been a priority for the Williams family, with both the parents and children pursuing further education and personal growth opportunities.

Business Ventures and Financial Stability

The family has embarked on various business ventures to ensure financial stability and to support their large family. They have learned to manage their finances effectively and to plan for the future.

Life After Reality TV

Life after reality TV has been an adjustment for the Williams family. They have had to find a new normal away from the cameras and public scrutiny.

Community Involvement and Service

Community service remains important to the Williams family, and they have been involved in various charitable activities and local events.

Challenges and Triumphs

The Williams family has faced their share of challenges, from health scares to legal battles, but they have also celebrated many triumphs and milestones together.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Looking to the future, the Williams family has big plans and aspirations. They continue to set goals and work towards achieving them as a united family.

Summary Table: The Williams Family in 2021

Family MemberCurrent Status
Brady WilliamsBusiness ventures, family patriarch
Paulie WilliamsCommunity service, family support
Robyn WilliamsPursuing personal interests, education focus
Rosemary WilliamsMental health advocacy, personal growth
Nonie WilliamsCareer development, family balance
Rhonda WilliamsHealth recovery, family involvement

FAQ Section

Is the Williams family still practicing polygamy?

Yes, as of 2021, the Williams family continues to practice polygamy and live as a plural family.

How do the Williams children feel about their family’s lifestyle?

The children have expressed a range of feelings about their family’s lifestyle, with some embracing it and others choosing a different path for themselves.

Have any of the wives left the family?

As of 2021, there have been no public announcements of any of the wives leaving the family.

What kind of business ventures has the family pursued?

The family has been involved in various businesses, including those related to health and wellness, and Brady’s entrepreneurial efforts.

How does the family manage their finances with such a large household?

The family prioritizes budgeting, financial planning, and has multiple streams of income to support their household.


In conclusion, the Williams family from “My Five Wives” has continued to evolve and grow since their time on reality TV. Each member of the family has pursued personal and professional development, faced challenges head-on, and remained committed to their unique family structure. As they move forward, they maintain their advocacy for polygamous rights and strive to live their lives with authenticity and purpose. The Williams family’s journey serves as a testament to the diversity of family dynamics and the resilience of human relationships.

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