Married At First Sight Season 13 Where Are They Now?

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Married At First Sight (MAFS) is a social experiment that has captivated audiences worldwide. The premise is simple yet audacious: singles who have never met before are matched by relationship experts and agree to marry upon their first meeting. Season 13 of the American version of this hit reality TV show, which took place in Houston, Texas, was no exception to the drama and romance that fans have come to expect. But what has happened to the couples since the cameras stopped rolling? In this article, we delve into the lives of the Season 13 cast members to find out where they are now.

Introduction to Married At First Sight Season 13

Season 13 of MAFS featured five couples who embarked on the journey to find love in an unconventional way. The season was filled with ups and downs, as the couples navigated the complexities of marrying a stranger. From the wedding day to Decision Day, viewers were on the edge of their seats, wondering which couples would stay together and which would part ways. Now, let’s catch up with the cast and see the paths they’ve taken since the show ended.

Summary Table of MAFS Season 13 Couples

Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick summary of the couples from Season 13 and their current relationship status:

CoupleStatus on Decision DayCurrent Status
Myrla and GilStayed TogetherDivorced
Brett and RyanDivorcedDivorced
Rachel and JoseStayed TogetherUnknown
Michaela and ZackDivorcedDivorced
Bao and JohnnyDivorcedDivorced

Myrla and Gil

Myrla and Gil were one of the couples who decided to stay married at the end of the season. However, their relationship took a turn shortly after Decision Day. Despite their efforts to work through their differences, the couple announced their divorce not long after the season ended. Gil has been focusing on his career as a firefighter and staying active on social media, while Myrla has been enjoying her independence and continuing her work as a leadership coach.

Brett and Ryan

Brett and Ryan’s marriage did not last beyond the show. They decided to divorce on Decision Day, and both have moved on with their lives. Ryan has been relatively private about his post-show life, but he has hinted at new ventures on his social media. Brett, on the other hand, has been open about her journey and has been advocating for mental health awareness and self-care.

Rachel and Jose

Rachel and Jose chose to stay together on Decision Day, but their current status is somewhat of a mystery. They have kept their relationship out of the public eye since the show ended, leading to speculation about whether they are still together. Both have been pursuing their individual interests, with Rachel focusing on her passion for travel and Jose dedicating time to his career.

Michaela and Zack

Michaela and Zack’s relationship was tumultuous during the season, and they ultimately decided to divorce. Since then, Zack has been exploring new opportunities and has hinted at new projects on his social media platforms. Michaela has been channeling her energy into her career and personal growth, often sharing her journey with her followers.

Bao and Johnny

Bao and Johnny’s marriage ended in divorce, and they have both been navigating single life since the show. Bao has been active in the community, participating in various events and focusing on her career in the medical field. Johnny has been keeping a low profile but occasionally shares updates about his life and interests on social media.

Life After Reality TV

The cast members of MAFS Season 13 have had to adjust to life after reality TV. For many, this has meant returning to their careers and rediscovering their individual identities away from the cameras. Some have used their platform to advocate for causes close to their hearts, while others have preferred to step away from the spotlight altogether.

Public Perception and Social Media

The public’s perception of the couples has been shaped by their portrayal on the show and their activity on social media. Fans continue to follow their favorite cast members, offering support and sometimes criticism. The cast’s social media presence has allowed them to maintain a connection with viewers and share updates about their lives post-show.

Reflections on the MAFS Experience

Many Season 13 cast members have reflected on their experiences on MAFS, sharing insights about what they learned from marrying a stranger. They’ve spoken about the challenges of building a relationship under the scrutiny of the public eye and the growth they’ve experienced as a result of the process.

FAQs About Married At First Sight Season 13

  • Are any of the Season 13 couples still together?
    As of the latest updates, it appears that none of the Season 13 couples are still together.
  • What was the most surprising outcome from Season 13?
    Many viewers were surprised by Myrla and Gil’s divorce, as they had chosen to stay together on Decision Day.
  • How do cast members feel about their portrayal on the show?
    Some cast members have expressed that they were portrayed fairly, while others have disagreed with how they were edited.
  • Have any of the cast members remained friends?
    There have been instances of cast members staying in touch and supporting each other post-show, as seen on social media.
  • What advice do former MAFS participants have for future cast members?
    Former participants often advise future cast members to stay true to themselves and be open to the process.


Married At First Sight Season 13 was a rollercoaster of emotions for both the participants and the viewers. While the fairy tale endings that fans hoped for may not have materialized, the journey was undoubtedly life-changing for the cast. As they move forward with their lives, the lessons learned and the experiences gained from this unique social experiment will continue to shape their paths. Whether they found love or not, the courage it took to marry a stranger on national television is something that will bond them forever. As we look back on where they are now, we can appreciate the complexities of relationships and the unpredictable nature of love.

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