Love It Or List It Where Are They Now?

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“Love It or List It” is a popular home design and real estate show that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. The show, which premiered in 2008, features homeowners who are struggling with the decision of whether to renovate their current home (Love It) or to sell it and move to a new home (List It). With the help of designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin, each episode ends with a tough decision for the homeowners. But what happens after the cameras stop rolling? In this article, we delve into the whereabouts of the participants and the impact the show has had on their lives.

Introduction to “Love It or List It”

Before we explore where the participants are now, let’s understand the premise of “Love It or List It.” The show is built on a unique format that combines home renovation with real estate shopping. Each episode presents a family or couple who are dissatisfied with their current living situation for various reasons, such as a lack of space, outdated design, or a change in family dynamics.

The Show’s Format

The show follows a consistent format where Hilary, the designer, attempts to address the homeowners’ concerns with a renovation, while David, the real estate agent, tries to find them a new house that fits their needs. In the end, the homeowners must choose whether to stay in their renovated home or to sell and move on.

Where Are They Now?

Fans often wonder what happens to the families after their episode airs. Do they regret their decision? Did they end up loving their renovated home, or did they list it after all? Let’s take a look at some of the participants and where they are now.

Success Stories

Many homeowners have found happiness with their decision to love or list. Some have stayed put in their renovated homes, enjoying the changes that Hilary and her team made. Others have moved on to new homes that better suit their needs, thanks to David’s keen eye for real estate.

Changed Minds

Interestingly, there have been cases where participants changed their minds after filming. Some who chose to love their home ended up listing it later on, while others who listed decided to stay and make it work.

Continued Renovations

A number of participants continued to make changes to their homes after Hilary’s renovations. Whether it’s due to changing tastes or additional needs, the journey of making a house a home doesn’t always stop when the show ends.

Impact on Relationships

The stress of home renovations and the decision-making process can take a toll on relationships. However, many couples have reported that going through the “Love It or List It” experience brought them closer together, as they had to communicate and make important decisions as a team.

Community and Neighborhood Attachment

For some participants, the show has highlighted the importance of their community and neighborhood. Even when presented with beautiful new homes, the attachment to their current neighborhood played a significant role in their decision to love their home.

Financial Considerations

Financial outcomes vary greatly among participants. Some have seen a significant increase in their home’s value after renovations, while others found that listing and moving to a new home was a more financially prudent decision.

Life After the Show

Life goes on after the cameras stop rolling, and for many participants, being on “Love It or List It” was just one chapter in their ongoing home journey. Some have moved multiple times since the show, while others have put down deeper roots in their renovated homes.

Table Summary of “Love It or List It” Outcomes

DecisionNumber of ParticipantsPost-Show Changes
Loved ItXXContinued renovations, Increased home value
Listed ItXXMoved to new homes, Financial considerations
Changed MindsXXReversed decisions post-filming

FAQ Section

Do participants get to keep the furniture in “Love It or List It”?

The furniture and decorations used during the renovation are typically for staging purposes and are not included in the renovation budget. Homeowners have the option to purchase them if they wish.

How real is “Love It or List It”?

While the show is based on real homeowners and their decisions, like any reality TV show, certain elements are dramatized for entertainment purposes. However, the renovations and home searches are genuine.

Can participants back out of their decision?

After filming, homeowners are free to change their minds. The decision made during the show is not legally binding.

How are participants chosen for the show?

Participants apply to be on the show, and the production team selects homeowners based on various factors, including the potential for an interesting episode.

Has anyone ever regretted their decision?

There have been instances where participants have expressed regret, either because they missed their old home or because the new home didn’t meet their expectations.


“Love It or List It” has become more than just a TV show; it’s a phenomenon that has affected many lives. While the show provides a snapshot of the homeowners’ journey, the real story often continues long after the episode ends. Whether participants choose to love or list, the experience often leads to a deeper understanding of what they truly want from their home. As we’ve seen, the decisions made on the show are just the beginning, with many participants continuing to evolve their living situations in ways that best suit their changing lives. In the end, “Love It or List It” offers more than just entertainment; it offers real-life lessons on the complexities of making a house a home.

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