Love Island Uk Season 7 Where Are They Now?

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Love Island UK Season 7 was a whirlwind of romance, drama, and heartbreak. As the contestants navigated the choppy waters of love under the hot Majorcan sun, viewers were hooked on their every move. But since the cameras stopped rolling and the villa’s doors closed, fans have been eager to know what happened to their favorite Islanders. In this article, we’ll catch up with the cast of Love Island UK Season 7 and find out where they are now.

### Introduction to Love Island UK Season 7

Love Island UK Season 7 aired in the summer of 2021, bringing together a group of singles looking for love and the chance to win a cash prize. The show, known for its coupling ceremonies, dramatic recouplings, and infamous Casa Amor twist, did not disappoint in delivering entertainment and romance.

### The Winners: Millie Court and Liam Reardon

  • Millie Court
  • Liam Reardon

Millie and Liam captured the hearts of the nation and were crowned the winners of Season 7. Since leaving the villa, the couple has been going strong. They’ve moved in together and have been sharing their love story with fans on social media. They’ve also been working on various fashion and brand deals, capitalizing on their newfound fame.

### Runners-Up: Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran

  • Chloe Burrows
  • Toby Aromolaran

Chloe and Toby, known for their rocky start and entertaining journey, finished as runners-up. Post-show, they’ve also remained a couple and have been navigating life together outside the villa. Both have been involved in brand endorsements and public appearances, with Chloe even landing a deal with a major fashion brand.

### Faye Winter and Teddy Soares

  • Faye Winter
  • Teddy Soares

Faye and Teddy’s relationship was one of the most talked-about of the season, with their ups and downs broadcasted for all to see. They’ve continued their relationship and have been open about the challenges and successes they’ve faced as a couple. They’ve also been active with charity work and mental health advocacy.

### Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank

  • Kaz Kamwi
  • Tyler Cruickshank

Kaz and Tyler left the villa together and initially continued their relationship. However, they have since parted ways amicably. Kaz has been thriving as a fashion influencer, while Tyler has been focusing on his career in law and also dabbling in modeling.

### Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish

  • Liberty Poole
  • Jake Cornish

Liberty and Jake’s relationship was one of the most dramatic, with the couple deciding to leave the show just days before the final. Liberty has since become a fan favorite, securing brand deals and even appearing on “Dancing on Ice.” Jake has kept a lower profile but has been involved in various promotional events.

### Other Notable Islanders

  • Aaron Francis
  • Lucinda Strafford
  • Hugo Hammond
  • Sharon Gaffka

Other Islanders have also been busy since their time on the show. Aaron has returned to his career in luxury events, while Lucinda has been growing her fashion business. Hugo has been focusing on his teaching career and motivational speaking, and Sharon has been advocating for women’s rights and using her platform to discuss political issues.

### Life After the Villa

Life after Love Island can be a whirlwind for contestants. Many have taken advantage of the spotlight to launch or boost their careers in entertainment, fashion, and other industries. Some have returned to their pre-villa jobs, while others have found new paths thanks to the exposure from the show.

### Social Media Impact

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of Love Island contestants after the show. Many have amassed large followings, which they leverage for brand partnerships, sponsorships, and to share their personal journeys with fans.

### Love and Breakups

While some couples from Season 7 are still together, others have gone their separate ways. Breakups are common after the show, as couples face the realities of their relationships without the isolation and intensity of the villa.

### Career Moves and Brand Deals

Several Season 7 Islanders have made significant career moves, with many securing lucrative brand deals. The exposure from the show has opened doors in modeling, fashion, fitness, and entertainment.

### Mental Health and Wellbeing

The mental health and wellbeing of contestants have been a focus post-show, with many speaking out about the pressures of fame and the importance of support. The show has implemented aftercare procedures to help Islanders adjust to life after Love Island.

### Summary Table

| Islander | Relationship Status | Career/Endeavors |
| Millie & Liam | Together | Fashion/Brand Deals |
| Chloe & Toby | Together | Brand Endorsements |
| Faye & Teddy | Together | Charity/Mental Health Advocacy |
| Kaz Kamwi | Single | Fashion Influencer |
| Tyler Cruickshank | Single | Law/Modeling |
| Liberty Poole | Single | Brand Deals/”Dancing on Ice” |
| Jake Cornish | Single | Promotional Events |
| Aaron Francis | Single | Luxury Events |
| Lucinda Strafford | Single | Fashion Business |
| Hugo Hammond | Single | Teaching/Motivational Speaking |
| Sharon Gaffka | Single | Women’s Rights Advocacy |

### FAQ Section

**Q: Are Millie and Liam from Love Island still together?**
A: Yes, Millie Court and Liam Reardon are still together and have moved in together since the show ended.

**Q: What has Liberty Poole been up to since Love Island?**
A: Liberty Poole has secured several brand deals and competed on the show “Dancing on Ice.”

**Q: Have any Love Island Season 7 couples broken up?**
A: Yes, some couples like Kaz and Tyler have parted ways since leaving the villa.

**Q: What kind of career moves have Islanders made post-show?**
A: Islanders have pursued careers in fashion, entertainment, law, teaching, and more, with many securing brand deals and sponsorships.

**Q: How does Love Island support contestants’ mental health after the show?**
A: Love Island has aftercare procedures in place, including access to psychological support and advice on dealing with social media and fame.

### Conclusion

In conclusion, the Islanders from Love Island UK Season 7 have taken diverse paths since leaving the villa. While some relationships have stood the test of time, others have ended, but each Islander has embarked on a unique journey. From brand deals to career changes and advocacy work, the cast has leveraged their Love Island fame to pursue new opportunities and challenges. As they continue to navigate life in the public eye, their stories serve as a reminder of the lasting impact reality TV can have on personal and professional lives.

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