Love Island Uk Season 5 Where Are They Now?

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Love Island UK Season 5, which aired in 2019, was a whirlwind of romance, drama, and heartbreak. As the contestants navigated the choppy waters of love under the hot Majorcan sun, viewers were hooked on their every move. But what has happened to the islanders since they left the villa? In this article, we’ll catch up with the cast of Love Island UK Season 5 and find out where they are now.

### Introduction to Love Island UK Season 5

Love Island UK Season 5 was a cultural phenomenon, with millions tuning in to watch the highs and lows of modern dating. The show, set in a luxurious villa in Mallorca, Spain, featured a group of single contestants, or “islanders,” who coupled up to avoid elimination and compete for a cash prize. The season was filled with unexpected twists, strong personalities, and, of course, romance.

### The Cast of Love Island UK Season 5: Where Are They Now?

After the cameras stopped rolling and the summer of love came to an end, the islanders returned to their lives, with many experiencing newfound fame. Let’s take a look at where some of the most memorable contestants are today.

### Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea: The Winning Couple

  • Amber Gill – The winner of Season 5, Amber, has been busy since leaving the villa. She has launched her own fitness platform and has been involved in various brand endorsements and collaborations.
  • Greg O’Shea – Greg, who won alongside Amber, returned to his rugby career and has also been a television presenter in Ireland. He has been active in charity work and public speaking.

### Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury: Runners-Up

  • Molly-Mae Hague – Molly-Mae has become one of the most successful Love Island alumni. She has secured lucrative deals with fashion brands, launched her own tanning range, and continues to be a prominent social media influencer.
  • Tommy Fury – Tommy has focused on his boxing career, following in the footsteps of his brother, Tyson Fury. He has also taken part in brand partnerships and reality TV appearances.

### Ovie Soko: The Gentle Giant

  • Ovie Soko – Known for his laid-back attitude and iconic sayings, Ovie has enjoyed a career in basketball and has also worked as a fashion model. He has appeared on various TV shows and continues to be a fan favorite.

### Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins: The Unexpected Pair

  • Curtis Pritchard – Curtis has continued his career as a professional dancer and has appeared on other reality shows, including “The Greatest Dancer.”
  • Maura Higgins – Maura has become a television personality in her own right, appearing on “Dancing on Ice” and working as a presenter. She has also secured brand deals and launched her own makeup collection.

### Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides: The Controversial Couple

  • Michael Griffiths – Michael has appeared on other reality TV shows and has pursued a career in fitness and personal training.
  • Joanna Chimonides – Joanna has become a social media influencer and podcast host, discussing topics related to reality TV and lifestyle.

### Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan: The Fun Duo

  • Anton Danyluk – Anton has launched his own gym and fitness brand, and he continues to be active on social media, sharing his fitness journey.
  • Belle Hassan – Belle has pursued a career in acting and modeling, as well as becoming an influencer in the beauty industry.

### Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane: The Short-Lived Romance

  • Danny Williams – Danny has had a successful modeling career, working with various fashion brands and walking in fashion shows.
  • Jourdan Riane – Jourdan has also continued modeling and has launched her own fashion line. She is active on social media, sharing her life and style with followers.

### Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt: The Early Favorites

  • Lucie Donlan – Lucie has combined her love for surfing with her influencer status, promoting sustainable living and ocean conservation.
  • Joe Garratt – Joe has focused on his catering business and has also been involved in various brand endorsements.

### Summary Table of Love Island UK Season 5 Contestants

| Contestant | Status Post-Show | Current Endeavors |
| Amber Gill | Winner | Fitness platform, brand endorsements |
| Greg O’Shea | Winner | Rugby career, TV presenting |
| Molly-Mae Hague | Runner-Up | Fashion deals, beauty brand, influencer |
| Tommy Fury | Runner-Up | Boxing career, reality TV |
| Ovie Soko | Fan Favorite | Basketball, modeling, TV appearances |
| Curtis Pritchard | Finalist | Professional dancing, reality TV |
| Maura Higgins | Finalist | TV personality, brand deals, makeup collection |
| Michael Griffiths | Contestant | Fitness career, reality TV |
| Joanna Chimonides | Contestant | Influencer, podcast host |
| Anton Danyluk | Contestant | Gym owner, fitness brand |
| Belle Hassan | Contestant | Acting, modeling, beauty influencer |
| Danny Williams | Contestant | Modeling career |
| Jourdan Riane | Contestant | Modeling, fashion line |
| Lucie Donlan | Contestant | Surfing, sustainability advocacy |
| Joe Garratt | Contestant | Catering business, endorsements |

### Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#### Who won Love Island UK Season 5?
Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea were the winners of Love Island UK Season 5.

#### Are any of the Love Island UK Season 5 couples still together?
As of the latest updates, none of the couples from Love Island UK Season 5 are still together.

#### What has Molly-Mae Hague done since leaving the villa?
Molly-Mae Hague has become a successful influencer, securing fashion deals, launching a beauty brand, and maintaining a strong social media presence.

#### Has Tommy Fury continued his boxing career?
Yes, Tommy Fury has continued to pursue his boxing career and has also participated in reality TV and brand partnerships.

#### What are some of the other ventures Love Island UK Season 5 contestants have pursued?
The contestants have ventured into various fields, including fitness, fashion, television presenting, modeling, acting, and business.

### Conclusion

The islanders from Love Island UK Season 5 have taken different paths since their time on the show. While some have returned to their previous careers, others have leveraged their newfound fame to launch businesses, secure brand deals, and even become television personalities. The impact of the show on their lives is undeniable, and it’s clear that the summer of love in the villa was just the beginning of their journeys. Whether they found lasting love or not, each contestant has navigated post-villa life in their own unique way, leaving fans eager to follow their next moves.

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