Love Island 2019 Usa Where Are They Now?

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Love Island USA 2019 captivated audiences with its sun-soaked drama, romantic escapades, and unexpected twists. As viewers, we invested weeks into the lives of the contestants, rooting for our favorite couples and gasping at the surprise dumpings. But since the cameras stopped rolling and the villa’s lights dimmed, where have the Islanders of 2019 ventured? In this article, we’ll catch up with the cast of Love Island USA 2019 and discover where life has taken them since their summer of love.

Introduction to Love Island USA 2019

Love Island USA’s inaugural season aired in July 2019, bringing the UK’s hit reality dating show format across the pond. The show featured a group of single “Islanders” living together in a villa in Fiji, isolated from the outside world but under constant video surveillance. The goal was to remain coupled up with a partner throughout the season, with the public voting and ultimately deciding the winning couple, who would take home a cash prize.

Love Island USA 2019: The Couples

The first season of Love Island USA saw many couples form, break, and re-couple. Some relationships were fleeting, while others seemed to have the potential to last beyond the villa. But have these romantic connections survived the test of time and the return to reality?

Where Are They Now: The Islanders’ Journey After the Villa

Since leaving the villa, the Islanders have embarked on various paths, from continuing their search for love to pursuing new career opportunities. Let’s dive into the lives of some of the most memorable contestants from the 2019 season.

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli

The winning couple of the season, Elizabeth and Zac, initially seemed to be a match made in heaven. However, despite leaving the villa hand in hand, the couple announced their split several months after the show ended. Elizabeth has since focused on her career in advertising and modeling, while Zac has been exploring opportunities in real estate and personal training.

Alexandra Stewart and Dylan Curry

Fan favorites Alexandra and Dylan also parted ways after a few months of dating outside the villa. Alexandra has been pursuing a career in content creation and social media, while Dylan has returned to his roots in fitness and health, working as a personal trainer.

Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt

Caro and Ray’s relationship lasted a bit longer than some of their fellow Islanders, but they eventually went their separate ways. Caro has been traveling and modeling, and Ray has been focusing on his music career.

Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett

Kyra and Cashel had a rollercoaster relationship on the show, and after a brief attempt at dating post-villa, they decided to call it quits. Kyra has been working on her music and acting career, while Cashel has been involved in various entertainment projects.

Weston Richey and Emily Salch

Weston and Emily’s connection on the show was strong, but it didn’t last in the real world. Weston has continued his career in photography, and Emily has been modeling and influencing on social media.

Life After Love Island: Career Moves and Personal Growth

Many of the Islanders have used their newfound fame to launch or boost their careers in entertainment, fitness, and social media. Some have returned to their pre-show professions, while others have taken the plunge into new ventures.

Yamen Sanders

Yamen, known for his charismatic personality, has continued his career in real estate and has also made appearances on various talk shows and podcasts.

Mallory Santic

Mallory has been focusing on her career in fashion and marketing, leveraging her Love Island exposure to grow her professional network.

Alana Morrison

Alana has been active in the acting world, pursuing her passion for performance and appearing in several productions.

Michael Yi

Michael has returned to his career as a model and has also been advocating for mental health awareness through his social media platforms.

Love Island USA 2019: The Impact on Personal Lives

Beyond their careers, the Islanders have also experienced significant changes in their personal lives. Some have found new love, while others have focused on self-improvement and travel.

New Relationships

Several former Islanders have gone public with new relationships, sharing their love stories with their followers on social media.

Travel and Adventure

The spirit of adventure that was ignited in the villa has continued for many contestants, with travel vlogs and Instagram posts documenting their journeys around the world.

Advocacy and Charity Work

Some Islanders have used their platform to advocate for causes close to their hearts, participating in charity events and public speaking engagements.

Love Island USA 2019: Summary Table

To provide a quick overview of where the Love Island USA 2019 cast members are now, here’s a summary table highlighting their post-show endeavors.

| Islander | Current Endeavor | Relationship Status |
| Elizabeth Weber | Advertising, Modeling | Single |
| Zac Mirabelli | Real Estate, Personal Training | Single |
| Alexandra Stewart | Content Creation, Social Media | Single |
| Dylan Curry | Personal Training | Single |
| Caro Viehweg | Traveling, Modeling | Single |
| Ray Gantt | Music Career | Single |
| Kyra Green | Music, Acting | Single |
| Cashel Barnett | Entertainment Projects | Single |
| Weston Richey | Photography | Single |
| Emily Salch | Modeling, Social Media | Single |
| Yamen Sanders | Real Estate, Media Appearances | Single |
| Mallory Santic | Fashion, Marketing | Single |
| Alana Morrison | Acting | Single |
| Michael Yi | Modeling, Mental Health Advocacy| Single |

FAQs: Love Island USA 2019

  • Who won Love Island USA 2019? Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli won the first season of Love Island USA.
  • Are any couples from Love Island USA 2019 still together? As of now, none of the couples from the show are still together.
  • Has anyone from Love Island USA 2019 gotten married or engaged? There have been no marriages or engagements announced by any of the 2019 cast members.
  • What do Love Island USA contestants do after the show? Contestants often pursue careers in modeling, acting, fitness, or use their platform for social media influencing and advocacy work.
  • How can I follow the Love Island USA 2019 cast on social media? Most of the cast members are active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where they share updates about their lives.


The cast of Love Island USA 2019 has certainly kept busy since their time in the villa. While the romantic connections formed on the show have not stood the test of time, the Islanders have leveraged their exposure to pursue various career opportunities and personal endeavors. From modeling and acting to fitness and real estate, these reality stars have shown that there is life after Love Island. As they continue to navigate their paths, fans can keep up with their journeys through social media and witness their growth and success in the years to come.

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