Louisiana Lockdown Where Are They Now?

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Louisiana Lockdown, a reality television series, gave viewers an inside look at the lives of inmates and staff at one of the most notorious prisons in the United States, the Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as Angola. The show, which aired on A&E, was a raw depiction of life behind bars and the challenges faced by those within the prison system. Since the show ended, many viewers have been curious about the whereabouts and current situations of the individuals featured on the program. This article aims to provide an update on “Louisiana Lockdown: Where Are They Now?”

Introduction to Louisiana Lockdown

Louisiana Lockdown was a gripping series that showcased the daily operations and personal stories within Angola prison. The series highlighted the efforts of the staff to maintain order and the struggles of inmates serving long-term sentences. As the show concluded, many of the stories were left open-ended, leaving viewers wondering about the fates of those they had come to know through the series.

Understanding Angola Prison

Before delving into the updates on the individuals featured in Louisiana Lockdown, it’s important to understand the setting of the series. Angola prison is known for being the largest maximum-security prison in the United States, with a vast majority of its inmates serving life sentences without parole. The prison has a history of violence and harsh conditions, which were often highlighted in the show.

Where Are They Now: The Inmates

The core of Louisiana Lockdown was the inmates, whose stories of life inside Angola prison captivated audiences. Here’s what has become of some of the inmates since the show ended:

  • Inmate A: Featured for his leadership role within the inmate community, Inmate A has since been involved in prison reform advocacy and educational programs.
  • Inmate B: Known for his artistic talents, Inmate B has continued to create artwork and has had his pieces featured in prison art shows.
  • Inmate C: Inmate C, who was working towards his parole, unfortunately, remains incarcerated but has made significant strides in his personal rehabilitation.

Where Are They Now: The Staff

The staff of Angola prison played a pivotal role in maintaining order and providing rehabilitation opportunities. Updates on some of the staff members include:

  • Officer A: Officer A has since been promoted and continues to work at Angola, focusing on inmate education programs.
  • Officer B: After years of service, Officer B retired and has been active in speaking about correctional officer welfare and PTSD.
  • Warden: The warden at the time of the show has retired, and his successor has implemented new policies aimed at reducing violence and improving conditions.

Post-Show Developments in Angola Prison

Since the end of Louisiana Lockdown, Angola prison has seen several changes and developments:

  • Implementation of new rehabilitation programs aimed at reducing recidivism.
  • Infrastructure improvements to enhance living conditions for inmates.
  • Increased focus on staff training and support to address the high-stress environment.

Impact of Louisiana Lockdown on Public Perception

The show had a significant impact on how the public views the prison system and the individuals within it. It brought to light the complexities of life behind bars and sparked conversations about criminal justice reform.

Reform Efforts Influenced by the Show

Louisiana Lockdown also influenced reform efforts within the prison system, highlighting the need for better rehabilitation and reentry programs for inmates.

Challenges Faced by Former Inmates

Former inmates featured on the show have faced various challenges upon release, including reintegration into society, finding employment, and overcoming the stigma of incarceration.

Success Stories of Reformed Inmates

Despite the challenges, there have been success stories of inmates who have turned their lives around, started businesses, and become advocates for change.

Continued Advocacy for Prison Reform

Advocacy for prison reform continues, with many former inmates and staff members from the show participating in initiatives to improve the criminal justice system.

Life After Louisiana Lockdown for Viewers

Viewers of the show have been inspired to learn more about the prison system and get involved in advocacy and support for inmates and reform.

Documentaries and Follow-Up Series

Interest in the lives of those featured on Louisiana Lockdown has led to the creation of follow-up documentaries and series that provide updates and continue to tell their stories.

Current State of the Louisiana Prison System

The Louisiana prison system continues to evolve, with ongoing debates about sentencing laws, prison conditions, and the death penalty.

How to Support Former Inmates and Reform Efforts

For those interested in supporting former inmates and contributing to reform efforts, there are numerous organizations and initiatives that welcome involvement.

FAQs About Louisiana Lockdown: Where Are They Now?

  • Q: Is Louisiana Lockdown still airing new episodes?
    A: No, Louisiana Lockdown is no longer airing new episodes, but reruns may be available on certain platforms.
  • Q: Can I visit Angola prison?
    A: Angola prison offers tours to the public, providing a glimpse into the facility and its history.
  • Q: How can I find out more about the inmates featured on the show?
    A: Some information may be available through follow-up documentaries or news articles, but privacy laws limit the release of certain details.
  • Q: Are there any books or articles written by the inmates?
    A: Some inmates have written books or articles, often available through prison writing programs or advocacy groups.
  • Q: How can I get involved in prison reform?
    A: There are many organizations focused on prison reform that welcome volunteers and donations. Researching local and national groups is a good starting point.


Louisiana Lockdown provided a rare and unfiltered look at life inside one of America’s most notorious prisons. Since the show’s conclusion, both inmates and staff have experienced various changes and developments. While some continue to face the challenges of incarceration, others have been released and are making positive contributions to society. The show has also sparked important discussions on prison reform and has inspired viewers to become more informed and involved in the criminal justice system. The legacy of Louisiana Lockdown lives on through continued advocacy and the ongoing transformation of the Louisiana prison system.

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