Jon And Kate Plus 8 Where Are They Now?

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Introduction to Jon and Kate Plus 8

“Jon & Kate Plus 8,” later renamed “Kate Plus 8,” was a reality TV show that captured the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children: twins Cara and Madelyn, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. The show debuted on Discovery Health in April 2007 before moving to TLC. It provided an intimate look at the challenges and joys of raising a large family. However, the show also documented the couple’s marital difficulties, leading to their divorce in 2009. The series continued as “Kate Plus 8” until its cancellation in 2017.

Where Are Jon and Kate Now?

Since the show’s end, Jon and Kate have gone their separate ways, both personally and professionally. Kate has continued to seek opportunities in the media, while Jon has stepped away from the spotlight to focus on a more private life.

Jon Gosselin’s Life After the Show

  • Personal Life: Jon has had a few relationships since his divorce from Kate. He has largely kept his personal life out of the public eye.
  • Professional Endeavors: Jon has taken on various jobs, including DJing and working in the IT field.
  • Relationship with Children: Jon has custody of two of his sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, and has been focused on their upbringing.

Kate Gosselin’s Pursuits Post-Reality TV

  • Media Appearances: Kate has appeared on shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “Celebrity Apprentice.”
  • Books: She has authored several books about her life and experiences raising a large family.
  • Personal Life: Kate has remained single and continues to raise the children who live with her.

The Gosselin Twins: Cara and Madelyn

The twins, Cara and Madelyn, are now young adults. They have both attended college and have kept a low profile compared to their earlier years in the spotlight.

The Gosselin Sextuplets in Their Teenage Years

The sextuplets have grown up and are navigating their teenage years. Each has developed their own interests and personalities outside the public eye.

Public Perception and Media Scrutiny

The Gosselin family has faced significant public scrutiny and media attention, which has affected their lives in various ways. The children, in particular, have had to grow up with a level of fame that most do not experience.

Jon and Kate have had a tumultuous legal history concerning the custody of their children. The arrangement has changed over time, with some children living with Jon and others with Kate.

Life Away from the Cameras

The Gosselins have had to adjust to life without the constant presence of cameras and production crews. This transition has allowed them more privacy and the chance to develop their own identities.

Jon’s Relationship with His Other Children

Jon’s relationship with the children who do not live with him has been strained. He has spoken publicly about his desire to reconnect with all of his children.

Kate’s Role as a Single Mother

Kate has continued to be the primary caregiver for the children who live with her. She has spoken about the challenges and rewards of being a single mother to a large family.

Reality TV’s Impact on the Gosselin Children

The Gosselin children have had unique experiences due to their time on reality TV. Some have embraced the attention, while others have shied away from it.

Jon and Kate’s Relationship Post-Divorce

Jon and Kate have had a strained relationship since their divorce, often communicating through attorneys or the media rather than directly.

Financial Stability and Career Paths

The financial stability of the Gosselin family has been a topic of interest, with both Jon and Kate pursuing various career paths to support their families.

Public Interest in the Gosselin Family

Despite the show’s end, there remains a public fascination with the Gosselin family and their well-being.

Privacy and Normalcy for the Gosselin Children

As the children have aged, there has been a concerted effort to provide them with a sense of normalcy and privacy in their everyday lives.

Summary Table: Jon and Kate Plus 8 – Where Are They Now?

Family MemberCurrent Status
Jon GosselinLiving a private life, working in IT, and DJing
Kate GosselinSingle mother, occasional media appearances, author
Cara GosselinCollege student, low public profile
Madelyn GosselinCollege student, low public profile
SextupletsTeenagers, living with either Jon or Kate, private lives

FAQs About Jon and Kate Plus 8

  • Are Jon and Kate still in contact? Jon and Kate are not in regular contact and have had a strained relationship since their divorce.
  • Do all the Gosselin children live with Kate? No, Hannah and Collin live with Jon, while the rest live with Kate.
  • Has the family participated in any reality shows since “Kate Plus 8”? The family has not returned to reality TV as a unit since the show ended.
  • How have the children adjusted to life after reality TV? The children have adjusted in various ways, with some seeking privacy and others occasionally stepping into the public eye.
  • What are Jon and Kate doing now? Jon is working in IT and as a DJ, while Kate has made occasional media appearances and written books.


The Gosselin family, once at the center of one of America’s most popular reality TV shows, has undergone significant changes since “Jon & Kate Plus 8” first aired. Jon and Kate have parted ways, both in their marriage and in their approaches to life after the show. The children, now mostly teenagers, are carving out their own paths. While the public’s fascination with the family continues, the Gosselins are each finding their way forward, balancing the remnants of their reality TV fame with a desire for a more normal life.

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