How Did Todd Chrisley Make His Money?

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Todd Chrisley, a real estate mogul turned reality TV star, has become a household name thanks to his show “Chrisley Knows Best.” His flamboyant personality and lavish lifestyle have intrigued many, leading to questions about the origins of his wealth. In this article, we will delve into the various ways Todd Chrisley has made his money, exploring his business ventures, investments, and the role of his reality TV show in his financial portfolio.

Introduction to Todd Chrisley’s Wealth

Todd Chrisley first came into the public eye with the premiere of “Chrisley Knows Best” in 2014. The show, which follows the lives of Chrisley and his family, showcases their opulent lifestyle and has sparked curiosity about how Chrisley amassed his wealth. While the show provides a glimpse into his spending, it doesn’t fully explain the origins of his fortune. To understand how Todd Chrisley made his money, we need to look at his career before he became a television personality.

Real Estate Beginnings

Chrisley’s journey to wealth began in real estate. He started buying and flipping homes, a venture that proved to be quite lucrative. His knack for real estate allowed him to build a substantial portfolio, and he eventually founded Chrisley Asset Management. This company specialized in managing foreclosed properties, which were abundant during the housing market crash in the late 2000s.

Chrisley Asset Management

Chrisley Asset Management became the cornerstone of Todd Chrisley’s wealth. The company managed properties for banks and other financial institutions, preparing them for resale in the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis. Chrisley’s business acumen and understanding of the real estate market allowed his company to thrive during a time when many others were struggling.

Investment Strategies

Apart from his real estate ventures, Todd Chrisley has also made money through various investments. He has been known to invest in the entertainment industry, retail businesses, and other ventures that have the potential for high returns. His investment strategies have not always been made public, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly where and how he has invested his money over the years.

Reality TV Fame and Earnings

The success of “Chrisley Knows Best” has undoubtedly contributed to Todd Chrisley’s wealth. Reality TV stars can earn significant income from their shows, and Chrisley is no exception. The show’s popularity has led to multiple seasons and spin-offs, which have likely resulted in increased earnings for Chrisley and his family.

Brand Endorsements and Partnerships

With fame comes the opportunity for brand endorsements and partnerships. Todd Chrisley has leveraged his celebrity status to partner with various brands, promoting products and services to his followers. These deals can be quite profitable and have likely added to his income stream.

Merchandising and Product Lines

In addition to brand partnerships, the Chrisley family has ventured into merchandising. They have released their own lines of products, including clothing and other merchandise, which fans of the show can purchase. These product lines serve as another avenue for revenue.

Public Speaking and Appearances

Todd Chrisley’s charismatic personality has made him a sought-after public speaker and guest at various events. He earns fees for these appearances, which contribute to his overall income. His ability to draw crowds means that he can command higher fees for his participation.

Financial Challenges and Controversies

Despite his success, Todd Chrisley’s financial journey has not been without challenges. He has faced legal issues and controversies, including bankruptcy and allegations of tax evasion. These issues have undoubtedly impacted his finances, though the exact details of their effects are not entirely clear.

Bankruptcy Filing

In 2012, Todd Chrisley filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, claiming to have nearly $50 million in debt and only $4.2 million in assets. This filing raised questions about his financial management and the sustainability of his wealth. Despite this setback, Chrisley has managed to maintain his public image and continue his career in entertainment.

Allegations of Tax Evasion

More recently, Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie Chrisley, have faced legal troubles regarding allegations of tax evasion and bank fraud. These allegations have brought further scrutiny to Chrisley’s financial dealings and have the potential to affect his future earnings.

Summary Table of Todd Chrisley’s Income Sources

Income SourceDescription
Real EstateBuying, flipping homes, and managing foreclosed properties through Chrisley Asset Management.
InvestmentsVarious undisclosed investments in different sectors.
Reality TVEarnings from “Chrisley Knows Best” and its spin-offs.
Brand EndorsementsPartnerships with brands for product promotions.
MerchandisingSales from family-branded merchandise and product lines.
Public SpeakingFees from speaking engagements and public appearances.

FAQs About Todd Chrisley’s Wealth

  • How did Todd Chrisley become wealthy?
    Chrisley amassed his wealth primarily through real estate investments and his company, Chrisley Asset Management. His reality TV show and brand deals also contribute to his income.
  • What is Chrisley Asset Management?
    Chrisley Asset Management was a company founded by Todd Chrisley that managed foreclosed properties for banks and financial institutions.
  • Has Todd Chrisley faced financial difficulties?
    Yes, Chrisley has faced financial difficulties, including a bankruptcy filing in 2012 and allegations of tax evasion.
  • Does Todd Chrisley still make money from real estate?
    While the current status of his real estate dealings is not publicly known, real estate was a significant source of his wealth in the past.
  • How does Todd Chrisley make money from his TV show?
    Chrisley earns money from his reality TV show through salaries, potential production deals, and possibly a percentage of the show’s profits.


Todd Chrisley’s path to wealth has been multifaceted, involving successful real estate ventures, savvy investments, and the leveraging of his reality TV fame. Despite facing significant financial challenges and legal controversies, Chrisley has managed to maintain a lifestyle that continues to fascinate the public. His story is a testament to the complexities of wealth and celebrity in the modern age. As viewers continue to tune in to “Chrisley Knows Best,” the intrigue surrounding Todd Chrisley’s financial dealings is likely to persist.

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