How Did Liver King Make His Money?

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Introduction to Liver King

Brian Johnson, better known as Liver King, is a social media personality who has gained a significant following due to his unique lifestyle and dietary choices, which are based on what he calls the “ancestral tenets.” His muscular physique and advocacy for eating raw organ meats, particularly liver, have made him a controversial figure in the health and wellness community. However, beyond his social media persona, many are curious about how Liver King has amassed his wealth.

Early Ventures and Business Acumen

Before Liver King became a social media sensation, Brian Johnson was already a successful entrepreneur. His business acumen was evident from his early ventures, which laid the foundation for his financial success. Johnson’s entrepreneurial journey began with his involvement in several business ventures, including real estate and supplement companies.

Real Estate Investments

One of the initial sources of Liver King’s wealth was real estate. Johnson has mentioned in interviews that he invested in property and was involved in the real estate market. This sector often provides substantial returns on investment, and it is likely that his savvy in this area contributed significantly to his financial portfolio.

Supplement Companies

Liver King’s interest in health and fitness extended into the business realm with his involvement in supplement companies. He has been associated with the creation and promotion of various supplements, which are marketed to those looking to emulate his robust health and physique. These companies have been another source of income for Johnson.

Building the Liver King Brand

The Liver King brand is not just about eating raw liver; it encompasses a lifestyle that Johnson promotes through various channels. His brand is built on the premise of living like our ancestors for optimal health, and it has attracted a large audience, which has been monetized in several ways.

Social Media Influence

Liver King’s presence on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube has garnered him a large following. Through these channels, he shares his daily routines, workouts, and dietary practices. His influence on social media has opened up opportunities for sponsorships, partnerships, and advertising revenue.


Capitalizing on his brand, Liver King has launched merchandise that includes apparel and accessories. Fans of his lifestyle can purchase these items, which further contributes to his income streams.

Public Speaking and Appearances

As Liver King’s popularity grew, so did the demand for his public appearances. He has been invited to speak at events and participate in podcasts, which not only increases his visibility but also provides additional income through speaking fees.

Expanding the Ancestral Lifestyle Empire

Liver King’s brand extends beyond personal promotion to include businesses that align with his ancestral lifestyle philosophy. These businesses cater to a niche market that is willing to invest in products and services that promise a return to a more natural way of living.

Ancestral Supplements

One of Liver King’s most successful business ventures is Ancestral Supplements, a company that sells freeze-dried organ supplements. These supplements are marketed as a way to incorporate the nutrients found in organ meats into one’s diet, especially for those who may be squeamish about consuming them in their natural state.

Online Coaching and Programs

Liver King also offers online coaching and programs for those looking to adopt his ancestral lifestyle. These programs include diet plans, workout routines, and lifestyle advice, all of which contribute to his overall earnings.

Liver King’s Net Worth

While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it is estimated that Liver King’s net worth is substantial, thanks to his diverse income streams. His success as an entrepreneur, coupled with his social media influence and brand-related businesses, has allowed him to accumulate wealth.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite his success, Liver King has faced his share of controversies and criticisms. Some health experts question the safety and efficacy of his dietary recommendations, while others accuse him of promoting an unrealistic body image. However, these controversies have also served to keep him in the public eye, potentially driving more traffic to his businesses.

Summary Table of Liver King’s Income Sources

Income SourceDescription
Real EstateInvestments in property and real estate market.
Supplement CompaniesCreation and promotion of health supplements.
Social MediaRevenue from sponsorships, partnerships, and advertising on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
MerchandisingSales of branded apparel and accessories.
Public SpeakingIncome from speaking engagements and podcast appearances.
Ancestral SupplementsSales of freeze-dried organ supplements.
Online CoachingRevenue from online coaching services and lifestyle programs.

FAQs About Liver King’s Wealth

  • What is Liver King’s main source of income?
    Liver King’s main sources of income include his supplement company, Ancestral Supplements, social media revenue, public speaking, and online coaching programs.
  • Does Liver King have a background in nutrition or fitness?
    Liver King does not have formal qualifications in nutrition or fitness, but he has built his brand around his personal experiences and interpretations of ancestral living.
  • Is Liver King’s wealth self-made?
    Yes, Liver King’s wealth is self-made, stemming from his entrepreneurial ventures and the development of his brand.
  • How has Liver King’s controversial image impacted his earnings?
    While controversy can sometimes negatively impact a brand, in Liver King’s case, it has often served to increase his visibility and, by extension, his potential earnings.
  • Are Liver King’s businesses based on scientific evidence?
    Liver King’s businesses are based on his own philosophy of ancestral living, which he claims is backed by historical practices rather than modern scientific evidence.


Liver King, also known as Brian Johnson, has built a unique brand that promotes a return to ancestral living, which has resonated with a wide audience. His wealth is the result of a combination of savvy business ventures in real estate and supplements, as well as capitalizing on his social media influence through sponsorships, merchandise, and public appearances. Despite facing criticism for his unconventional views on diet and health, Liver King has managed to turn his lifestyle into a profitable empire. His journey from entrepreneur to social media personality serves as a testament to the power of branding and the potential of niche markets in today’s economy.

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