Guiding Light Cast Where Are They Now 2016?

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“Guiding Light,” the longest-running soap opera in American history, left a lasting legacy when it concluded in 2009 after an impressive 72-year run. The show’s departure left fans wondering about the fate of their beloved characters and the actors who portrayed them. As of 2016, seven years after the final episode aired, many of the cast members had moved on to new projects, continued their acting careers, or taken different paths altogether. In this article, we’ll explore where the cast of “Guiding Light” found themselves in 2016.

Before we delve into the whereabouts of the cast, let’s take a moment to remember the impact “Guiding Light” had on daytime television. With storylines that spanned generations and characters that became household names, the show was a staple for many viewers. Now, let’s catch up with the stars who brought Springfield to life.

Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne)

Kim Zimmer, known for her iconic role as Reva Shayne, continued to thrive in the world of acting. By 2016, she had appeared in other soap operas such as “One Life to Live” and had taken to the stage in various theatrical productions. Zimmer also authored her memoir, “I’m Just Sayin’!”, which gave fans an inside look at her life and career.

Robert Newman (Joshua Lewis)

Robert Newman, who played Josh Lewis, also remained active in the entertainment industry. He transitioned to theater, performing in plays across the country. Newman’s stage credits include roles in productions like “Dracula” and “Gypsy,” showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Grant Aleksander (Phillip Spaulding)

After his time on “Guiding Light,” Grant Aleksander returned to the show briefly before it ended. In 2016, he was involved in directing and acting in theater. Aleksander also made appearances in other television shows and continued to be a beloved figure among soap opera fans.

Beth Chamberlin (Beth Raines)

Beth Chamberlin, known for her role as Beth Raines, pursued her passion for fitness after the show’s conclusion. She became a certified fitness instructor and published a book on kettlebell training. Chamberlin also made guest appearances on other television series and remained active in the acting community.

Ron Raines (Alan Spaulding)

Ron Raines, who portrayed the formidable Alan Spaulding, continued his successful career in musical theater. He was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in “Follies” and appeared in other Broadway productions. Raines also guest-starred on television shows and maintained a presence in the entertainment world.

Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer)

Crystal Chappell, the actress behind Olivia Spencer, became a pioneer in digital soap operas. She created and starred in the web series “Venice: The Series,” which won several awards. Chappell also appeared in other soaps, including “Days of Our Lives,” and remained a prominent figure in the genre.

Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis II)

Jordan Clarke, who played Billy Lewis II, faced health challenges after the show ended but continued to act when possible. He appeared in short films and stayed connected with his fans through personal appearances and fan events.

Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper)

Frank Dicopoulos, known as Frank Cooper on the show, shifted his focus to motivational speaking and personal development after “Guiding Light.” He also pursued opportunities in hosting and acting, demonstrating his diverse skill set beyond the world of soap operas.

Elizabeth Keifer (Christina “Blake” Marler)

Elizabeth Keifer, who portrayed Christina “Blake” Marler, continued to act in theater and teach acting classes. She also became involved in charity work, particularly with autism-related causes, using her platform to make a positive impact.

Jerry verDorn (Ross Marler)

Jerry verDorn, the actor behind Ross Marler, joined the cast of “One Life to Live” after “Guiding Light” ended. By 2016, he had retired from acting but remained a beloved figure among soap opera enthusiasts, often reflecting fondly on his time in Springfield.

Maureen Garrett (Holly Norris)

Maureen Garrett, known for her role as Holly Norris, took a step back from acting to focus on her personal life. She occasionally attended fan events and reunions, much to the delight of “Guiding Light” followers who cherished her performances.

Michael O’Leary (Dr. Rick Bauer)

Michael O’Leary, who played Dr. Rick Bauer, continued to pursue acting and writing. He created and starred in the web series “Steamboat,” which was well-received by fans. O’Leary also participated in theater productions and remained active in the soap opera community.

Table: Guiding Light Cast Where Are They Now 2016

Below is a summary table of the “Guiding Light” cast members and their whereabouts as of 2016:

ActorCharacterWhere Are They Now (2016)
Kim ZimmerReva ShayneTheater, Memoir Author
Robert NewmanJoshua LewisTheater Actor
Grant AleksanderPhillip SpauldingTheater Director/Actor
Beth ChamberlinBeth RainesFitness Instructor, Author
Ron RainesAlan SpauldingBroadway Actor
Crystal ChappellOlivia SpencerWeb Series Creator/Actor
Jordan ClarkeBilly Lewis IIActing, Fan Events
Frank DicopoulosFrank CooperMotivational Speaker, Host
Elizabeth KeiferChristina “Blake” MarlerTheater Actor, Charity Work
Jerry verDornRoss MarlerRetired Actor
Maureen GarrettHolly NorrisPersonal Life, Occasional Appearances
Michael O’LearyDr. Rick BauerActor, Writer

FAQ Section

Did any “Guiding Light” cast members continue working in soap operas after the show ended?

Yes, several cast members, such as Kim Zimmer and Crystal Chappell, continued to work in other soap operas and even created digital series within the genre.

What did the actors do outside of acting?

Many actors pursued different interests, such as Beth Chamberlin becoming a fitness instructor and author, and Frank Dicopoulos becoming a motivational speaker.

Are there any reunions for “Guiding Light” fans?

Yes, there have been reunions and fan events where former cast members have made appearances to meet and greet fans.

Did any cast members write books?

Kim Zimmer authored a memoir titled “I’m Just Sayin’!” where she shared her experiences and stories from her acting career.

Have any “Guiding Light” actors retired from acting?

Yes, Jerry verDorn is one example of a “Guiding Light” actor who retired from acting after a successful career in soap operas.


The cast of “Guiding Light” has taken diverse paths since the show’s conclusion in 2009. By 2016, many had continued their acting careers, while others found new passions or retired. Their legacies as part of a beloved soap opera live on, and their post-“Guiding Light” endeavors have allowed fans to continue to follow and support their favorite Springfield residents. Whether on stage, screen, or in other pursuits, the cast of “Guiding Light” remains a guiding force in the hearts of those who cherished the show.

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