Growing Up Gotti Where Are They Now?

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Growing Up Gotti was a popular reality television show that aired on A&E from 2004 to 2005. The series followed the life of Victoria Gotti, daughter of the infamous mob boss John Gotti, and her three sons, Carmine, John, and Frank. The show gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of the Gotti family as the boys navigated adolescence and young adulthood under the shadow of their grandfather’s notorious legacy. But what has happened to the Gotti family since the cameras stopped rolling? In this article, we’ll catch up with the Gotti family and see where they are now.

Introduction to the Gotti Family

The Gotti family first captured the public’s attention through their patriarch, John Gotti, known as the “Dapper Don.” His high-profile lifestyle and leadership of the Gambino crime family made headlines, but it was his daughter Victoria Gotti’s foray into reality TV that introduced us to his grandsons. Carmine, John, and Frank Gotti Agnello were the stars of “Growing Up Gotti,” showcasing their life in the affluent Long Island community and their unique family dynamics.

The End of “Growing Up Gotti”

After three seasons and 41 episodes, “Growing Up Gotti” ended, leaving fans curious about the future of the Gotti boys. The show concluded with the brothers at pivotal points in their lives, facing decisions about their careers, personal lives, and how they would carry the Gotti name forward.

Where Are They Now: The Gotti Brothers

Since the show’s conclusion, the Gotti brothers have taken different paths, each carving out his own identity separate from their family’s notorious reputation.

Carmine Gotti Agnello

Carmine, the eldest of the Gotti brothers, initially pursued a career in music after the show ended. He has since shifted his focus and is now believed to be involved in the family’s scrap metal business. Despite a few run-ins with the law, Carmine has mostly stayed out of the public eye.

John Gotti Agnello

John, the middle son, has also kept a relatively low profile. He married in 2015 in a lavish ceremony that reportedly cost over $350,000. John has been involved in various business ventures and is said to be working in the automotive industry.

Frank Gotti Agnello

Frank, the youngest, has perhaps made the most significant transformation. He graduated from law school and passed the New York State Bar exam. Frank has expressed a desire to use his legal expertise to help people and has distanced himself from the Gotti name’s negative connotations.

Victoria Gotti’s Life After the Show

Victoria Gotti, the matriarch of the family, has continued her career as a writer and has published several books since the show’s end. She has also made appearances on other reality TV shows and remains an influential figure in the media.

Table Summary: The Gotti Family Now

NameCurrent Status
Carmine Gotti AgnelloInvolved in scrap metal business, occasional media appearances
John Gotti AgnelloMarried, involved in automotive industry, private life
Frank Gotti AgnelloLawyer, passed New York State Bar exam, public speaking
Victoria GottiAuthor, reality TV personality, public figure

The Gotti family has not been without controversy since the show ended. They have faced legal challenges and public scrutiny, but each member has dealt with these issues in their own way, often choosing to stay out of the limelight.

Media Appearances and Public Perception

Despite their efforts to maintain privacy, the Gotti family members have made occasional media appearances. These moments have provided insights into their lives and have helped shape the public’s perception of the family in the years following the show.

Business Ventures and Career Paths

The Gotti brothers have explored various business ventures and career paths. Their choices reflect a desire to establish themselves independently of their family’s past and to create their own legacies.

Personal Lives and Family Growth

The personal lives of the Gotti family have also evolved. With marriages and children, the family has grown, and the next generation of Gottis is beginning to make their mark.

Continuing the Gotti Legacy

Despite their efforts to forge individual paths, the Gotti brothers are still often associated with their grandfather’s legacy. They have each found ways to honor their heritage while also establishing their own identities.

Public Interest in the Gotti Family

The fascination with the Gotti family remains strong. Books, movies, and documentaries continue to be produced, highlighting the enduring interest in the family’s history and their current lives.

FAQs About Growing Up Gotti: Where Are They Now?

  • How have the Gotti brothers dealt with their family’s legacy?
    The Gotti brothers have each taken different approaches to their family’s legacy. While they acknowledge their history, they have worked to establish their own careers and reputations separate from their grandfather’s notoriety.
  • Has Victoria Gotti continued her writing career?
    Yes, Victoria Gotti has continued to write and publish books, as well as contribute to various media outlets.
  • Are the Gotti brothers still in the public eye?
    The Gotti brothers have mostly kept a low profile, with occasional media appearances and public events.
  • What are the Gotti brothers doing now?
    Carmine is involved in the scrap metal business, John is working in the automotive industry, and Frank is a practicing lawyer.
  • Has the Gotti family been involved in any recent controversies?
    While there have been some legal issues, the family has mostly stayed out of major controversies in recent years.


The Gotti family, once known for their connection to organized crime, has worked to redefine themselves in the years since “Growing Up Gotti” ended. Each member of the family has taken a different path, with the brothers focusing on business, law, and family life. Victoria Gotti continues to be a public figure through her writing and media appearances. While the shadow of their grandfather’s legacy still looms, the Gottis have shown that they are more than just their last name. They have faced challenges and public scrutiny but have persevered, each carving out a unique place in the world. The Gotti family’s story is a testament to the complexities of family legacy and the power of personal transformation.

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