Flint Town Cops Where Are They Now?

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Flint, Michigan, a city that has faced its share of challenges, from economic decline to a water crisis, was also the focus of the 2018 Netflix documentary series “Flint Town.” The series provided an in-depth look at the struggles of the Flint Police Department as they worked to protect and serve in a community grappling with violence, poverty, and distrust. But since the cameras stopped rolling, many have wondered what happened to the officers featured in the series. In this article, we’ll explore where the Flint Town cops are now and how their lives and careers have evolved since the show’s conclusion.

Introduction to Flint Town

“Flint Town” was an eight-episode documentary series that followed the Flint Police Department over a two-year period during a critical time in the city’s history. The series highlighted the personal and professional lives of several officers, offering viewers a raw and intimate look at the challenges faced by law enforcement in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the United States.

Life After the Documentary

Since the documentary aired, the Flint Police Department has undergone numerous changes, including shifts in personnel, leadership, and community relations efforts. The officers featured in “Flint Town” have taken different paths, with some remaining in Flint while others have moved on to new opportunities.

Where Are the Flint Town Cops Now?

The following table summarizes the current status of some of the key officers featured in “Flint Town”:

OfficerStatus as of 2023
Bridgette BalaskoUnknown
Robert FrostContinued in law enforcement
Tim JohnsonMoved to a new position
Devon BernritterUnknown
Scott WatsonRetired

Officer Bridgette Balasko

Bridgette Balasko was one of the standout officers featured in “Flint Town.” As of 2023, her current whereabouts or career status have not been publicly disclosed. During the series, she was a dedicated officer who was considering a move to the Detroit area for better opportunities.

Officer Robert Frost

Robert Frost, known for his commitment to the Flint community, continued his career in law enforcement. Details about his current role are limited, but he remains an advocate for the city and its residents.

Former Chief Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, who served as the Flint Police Chief during the documentary, has since moved on from the department. His leadership was a focal point of the series, and he has continued to be involved in community and law enforcement initiatives.

Officer Devon Bernritter

Devon Bernritter’s current status is not widely known. He played a significant role in the series, often highlighting the difficulties of policing in Flint. His perspective provided insight into the daily decisions officers must make on the job.

Officer Scott Watson

Scott Watson, one of the veteran officers featured, has since retired from the Flint Police Department. His retirement marks the end of a long career in law enforcement, during which he witnessed the many changes in Flint.

Impact of “Flint Town” on the Officers’ Careers

The exposure from “Flint Town” had varying impacts on the officers’ careers. For some, it brought attention to their dedication and hard work, potentially opening doors for advancement. For others, it may have led to increased scrutiny or pressure.

Changes in the Flint Police Department

Since the documentary, the Flint Police Department has seen changes in staffing, funding, and community engagement. These changes have been part of a broader effort to improve public safety and rebuild trust within the community.

Community Relations and Policing

One of the key themes of “Flint Town” was the strained relationship between the police and Flint residents. Efforts have been made to enhance community policing and establish stronger ties with the public, which are ongoing challenges for the department.

Flint’s Ongoing Struggles

Flint continues to face significant challenges, including crime, economic instability, and the long-term effects of the water crisis. These issues have a direct impact on the work of the police department and the community’s perception of law enforcement.

Documentary’s Influence on Public Perception

The documentary series brought national attention to Flint and its police department, influencing public perception and awareness of the issues facing the city. It also sparked conversations about the role of law enforcement in struggling communities.

Current Crime Rates in Flint

Crime rates in Flint remain a concern, although there have been efforts to reduce violence and improve safety. The police department continues to work on strategies to address crime, with varying levels of success.

Advancements in Police Training and Resources

Since the series, there have been advancements in police training and resources aimed at better equipping officers to handle the unique challenges of policing in Flint. These improvements are critical for the safety of both the community and the officers.

FAQs About Flint Town Cops

  • Has the Flint Police Department grown in size since “Flint Town”?
    As of 2023, the Flint Police Department has seen some growth in staffing, but it still faces resource limitations.
  • Did “Flint Town” accurately represent the challenges faced by Flint officers?
    Many viewers and critics believe that “Flint Town” provided a realistic portrayal of the difficulties encountered by the Flint Police Department.
  • Are there any plans for a follow-up to the “Flint Town” series?
    There have been no official announcements regarding a follow-up or continuation of the “Flint Town” documentary series.
  • How has the community responded to the Flint Police Department since the series?
    The community’s response has been mixed, with some residents feeling more connected to the police, while others remain skeptical.
  • What is being done to improve the relationship between Flint residents and the police?
    Initiatives such as community policing, outreach programs, and transparency efforts are being implemented to improve relations.


The Flint Police Department and its officers have continued to evolve since the conclusion of “Flint Town.” While some officers have moved on to new chapters in their lives, others remain committed to serving the city of Flint. The documentary has left a lasting impression on viewers and has brought attention to the complex realities of policing in a city facing profound challenges. As Flint moves forward, the dedication and resilience of its police force remain crucial in the ongoing effort to rebuild and revitalize the community.

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