Fit To Fat To Fit Where Are They Now?

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“Fit to Fat to Fit” is a unique reality television series that premiered on A&E in January 2016. The show follows personal trainers who embark on a journey to gain a significant amount of weight intentionally, with the goal of better understanding the struggles of their overweight clients. After gaining the weight, they then work alongside their clients to lose it, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of weight loss. The show’s concept has intrigued many, leading to questions about the long-term impact on the participants and where they are now. In this article, we will explore the journeys of these trainers and clients, providing updates on their current statuses.

Understanding the “Fit to Fat to Fit” Concept

The premise of “Fit to Fat to Fit” is based on empathy and understanding. The trainers, who are typically in peak physical condition, put themselves in their clients’ shoes by gaining weight over a four-month period. They then partner with their clients to shed the pounds together. This process is meant to foster a deeper connection between trainer and client, as they face the weight loss journey as a team.

The Journey of Weight Gain and Loss

The trainers on “Fit to Fat to Fit” undergo a dramatic transformation. They abandon their healthy lifestyles and diets, adopting the eating habits that may have contributed to their clients’ obesity. After gaining weight, they then reverse the process, applying their expertise in fitness and nutrition to help both themselves and their clients get back into shape.

Where Are They Now: Updates on Trainers and Clients

Since the show’s debut, fans have been curious about the lasting effects on the participants. Here, we provide updates on some of the most memorable trainers and clients from the show.

Trainer Drew Manning

Drew Manning, the creator of the “Fit to Fat to Fit” concept, has continued to be an advocate for fitness and health. After the show, he maintained his fit lifestyle and has been involved in various health-related projects and initiatives.

Trainer JJ Peterson

JJ Peterson, who gained 61 pounds for the show, successfully returned to his fit physique and has been using his experience to motivate others. He continues to work as a fitness coach and speaker.

Client Ray Stewart

Ray Stewart, JJ Peterson’s client, made significant progress during and after the show. He has been keeping up with his weight loss journey and often shares updates on his social media platforms.

Trainer Felicia Romero

Felicia Romero, who also underwent the weight gain process, has bounced back to her fitness routine. She remains active in the fitness industry, inspiring others through her story and dedication.

Client Britney Anderson

Britney Anderson, paired with Felicia Romero, has continued to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Her transformation on the show has been a catalyst for ongoing personal growth and wellness.

Long-Term Effects of the Show on Participants

The extreme nature of the “Fit to Fat to Fit” experiment has raised questions about the long-term effects on the participants’ health and well-being. While many have successfully reverted to their fit lifestyles, the journey has not been without challenges.

Physical Health Impacts

The rapid weight gain and loss experienced by the trainers could potentially have long-term health implications. However, most trainers have reported returning to their normal health metrics after resuming their fitness routines.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

The emotional toll of gaining and losing such a significant amount of weight is profound. Participants have spoken about the mental challenges they faced during the process, including body image issues and the stress of drastic lifestyle changes.

Relationships with Clients

The shared experience of weight gain and loss has often led to strong bonds between trainers and clients. These relationships have sometimes continued beyond the show, with trainers providing ongoing support to their clients.

Public Reaction and Impact on Viewers

“Fit to Fat to Fit” has had a mixed reception from the public. Some praise the show for its unique approach to empathy and motivation, while others criticize it for potentially promoting unhealthy weight manipulation.

Positive Responses

Many viewers have found inspiration in the trainers’ commitment and the visible transformations of the participants. The show has motivated some to start their own fitness journeys.

Criticism and Concerns

Critics argue that the show’s concept may glamorize rapid weight gain and loss without adequately addressing the risks involved. There is also concern that it could perpetuate unrealistic expectations about weight loss.

Lessons Learned from “Fit to Fat to Fit”

The show has provided valuable insights into the complexities of weight loss and the importance of empathy in the fitness industry. Participants and viewers alike have learned about the psychological aspects of obesity and the dedication required to achieve lasting change.

Empathy in Fitness Training

One of the key takeaways from the show is the role of empathy in personal training. The trainers’ experiences have highlighted the need for understanding and compassion in the client-trainer relationship.

Realistic Expectations

“Fit to Fat to Fit” has also underscored the importance of setting realistic goals and expectations when it comes to weight loss. The show demonstrates that while transformation is possible, it requires time, effort, and patience.

Importance of Support Systems

The journey of the participants has shown the value of having a strong support system. Whether it’s a personal trainer, family, or friends, having people to lean on can make a significant difference in achieving fitness goals.

Summary Table: “Fit to Fat to Fit” Participants

Below is a table summarizing the current status of some of the key participants from “Fit to Fat to Fit.”

FAQs About “Fit to Fat to Fit”

  • What was the purpose of trainers gaining weight on “Fit to Fat to Fit”?

    The trainers gained weight to better understand the challenges their overweight clients face and to build empathy.

  • Did the participants keep the weight off after the show?

    Many participants have successfully kept the weight off, continuing to lead healthy lifestyles.

  • Has there been any follow-up or reunion show?

    As of now, there has not been a dedicated follow-up or reunion show for “Fit to Fat to Fit.”

  • What has been the biggest criticism of the show?

    The biggest criticism has been the potential glorification of unhealthy weight manipulation practices.

  • Are there any resources for viewers inspired by the show?

    Viewers can find resources such as fitness guides and motivational stories on the show’s website and through various social media platforms associated with the participants.


“Fit to Fat to Fit” has left a lasting impression on its participants and viewers. The show’s unique approach to weight loss, through the lens of empathy and shared struggle, has sparked conversations about the best ways to approach fitness and health. While the long-term effects on the participants vary, many have continued to lead healthy lives and inspire others with their stories. The show serves as a reminder that weight loss is a deeply personal journey that requires understanding, patience, and support.

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