Farmer Wants A Wife Where Are They Now?

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“Farmer Wants a Wife” is a reality television series that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. The show, which originated in the United Kingdom, has been adapted in various countries, including Australia, the United States, and France. It revolves around single farmers who are looking for love and companionship, often from women who come from non-rural backgrounds. Over the years, the show has resulted in marriages, babies, and a fair share of drama. Fans often wonder about the fates of their favorite couples after the cameras stop rolling. In this article, we delve into the whereabouts of some of the most memorable contestants from “Farmer Wants a Wife.”

Introduction to “Farmer Wants a Wife”

“Farmer Wants a Wife” is more than just a dating show; it’s a journey into the rural heartlands where love is often intertwined with the realities of farming life. The show’s unique premise has led to its popularity, with audiences eager to see if love can truly blossom in the countryside. But what happens to the farmers and their chosen partners after the final episode airs? Let’s take a look at where some of them are now.

Success Stories

The show has seen its fair share of success stories, with many couples not only finding love but also building families and thriving farm businesses together. Here are a few standout examples.

Chris and Kim

Chris, a sheep farmer, and Kim, a city girl, hit it off in the Australian version of the show. They are now happily married with two children and continue to work on their farm.

Nathan and Amanda

Nathan, a cattle and sheep farmer, found love with Amanda during the show’s run. They have since tied the knot and welcomed several children into their family.

Where Are They Now?

The question on everyone’s lips is, “Where are they now?” Let’s catch up with some of the most beloved farmers and their partners.

Matt and Brianna

Matt, a charming farmer from the U.S. version, chose Brianna, and they got engaged at the end of the season. They are currently planning their wedding and managing Matt’s family farm together.

Lachlan and Belinda

Lachlan, an Australian cattle farmer, and Belinda, his final pick, initially struggled with their relationship but have since reconciled. They are now engaged and working on expanding their farm operations.

Not All Roses

While there have been many success stories, not all relationships from “Farmer Wants a Wife” have had happy endings. Some couples found that their love couldn’t withstand the pressures of farm life or the distance between them.

Farmer Joe and Hannah

Joe, a charismatic farmer, and Hannah, his chosen partner, broke up shortly after their season ended, citing personal differences and the challenges of long-distance romance.

Farmer Jenny and Mark

Jenny, one of the few female farmers on the show, selected Mark as her partner. However, they split up within a year, as they realized they wanted different things in life.

Life After the Show

Many former contestants have moved on from their “Farmer Wants a Wife” experience, whether they found lasting love or not. Here’s a glimpse into their lives post-show.

Farmer Ben’s New Venture

Ben, who didn’t find love on the show, has since launched a successful agritourism business, inviting guests to experience farm life.

Grace’s Advocacy Work

Grace, a contestant who didn’t end up with her farmer, has become an advocate for mental health in rural communities, drawing on her experience from the show.

Revisiting Past Seasons

Fans often revisit past seasons to relive the romance and drama. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable seasons and where the cast members are now.

Season 1 Throwback

The first season set the tone for the series, with several couples getting engaged. Most have since married and started families, while others have amicably parted ways.

Season 5 Updates

Season 5 was known for its intense connections and heartbreaking decisions. Some of the farmers from this season have found new love, while others remain happily single.

International Versions

“Farmer Wants a Wife” has seen international success, with versions airing in numerous countries. Let’s see how some of the international farmers are doing now.

French Farmers

The French version has been particularly successful, with many farmers settling down with their chosen partners and embracing family life.

British Beginnings

The original UK version has had its ups and downs, but several couples are still together, proving that love can indeed be found in the countryside.

Impact on Rural Dating

The show has had a significant impact on rural dating, bringing attention to the unique challenges and joys of finding love in the countryside.

Changing Perceptions

“Farmer Wants a Wife” has helped change perceptions of rural life, showing that it’s possible to have both a successful farming career and a fulfilling love life.

Community Support

The show has also fostered a sense of community among rural singles, encouraging them to open up about their own experiences with love and dating.

FAQ Section

  • Is “Farmer Wants a Wife” still producing new seasons?
    Yes, the show continues to produce new seasons in various countries, with new farmers looking for love.
  • Have any “Farmer Wants a Wife” couples gotten divorced?
    While some couples have separated or divorced, many remain happily together.
  • Do participants really work on farms?
    Yes, the farmers featured on the show are genuine and actively involved in farming.
  • Can viewers apply to be on “Farmer Wants a Wife”?
    Yes, viewers who meet the application criteria can apply to be on the show.
  • Has “Farmer Wants a Wife” been successful in other countries?
    Yes, the show has enjoyed international success with adaptations in multiple countries.


“Farmer Wants a Wife” has proven that love can flourish in the most unexpected places. The show has not only created lasting relationships but also highlighted the realities of rural life. While not every story has a fairy-tale ending, the series continues to inspire hope and bring attention to the world of farming. As we’ve seen, many former contestants have gone on to lead fulfilling lives, whether in love, business, or advocacy. The legacy of “Farmer Wants a Wife” is evident in the lives it has touched and the communities it has brought together.

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