Extreme Cougar Wives Tlc Where Are They Now?

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Extreme Cougar Wives was a reality television special that aired on TLC showcasing the romantic lives of older women, dubbed “Cougars,” who were involved in relationships with significantly younger men. The show, which premiered in 2012, was a one-hour pilot that delved into the personal stories of three couples, each facing various societal judgments and challenges due to their unconventional love lives. Since its airing, viewers have been curious about the whereabouts and current situations of these couples. This article aims to explore where the cast members of “Extreme Cougar Wives” are now and how their lives have evolved since the show.

Introduction to Extreme Cougar Wives

“Extreme Cougar Wives” was a bold exploration into the dynamics of age-gap relationships. The show aimed to shed light on the personal choices of these women and the younger men who loved them, challenging the traditional norms of dating and marriage. The series was met with mixed reactions, with some viewers finding it empowering and others criticizing it for sensationalizing these relationships.

Overview of the Show’s Concept

The concept of the show revolved around the idea that love knows no age. It followed the lives of three couples, each with a significant age difference, as they navigated through their daily routines, dealt with family and friends’ opinions, and planned for their futures together.

Initial Reception and Impact

Upon its release, “Extreme Cougar Wives” sparked conversations about the viability and morality of age-gap relationships. It opened up discussions on the double standards often applied to older women dating younger men, as opposed to older men dating younger women.

Where Are They Now: A Look at the Cast

Since the show’s airing, fans have been curious about the updates on the lives of these couples. Here’s a look at where some of the cast members are today.

Jude and Kevin

Jude, 53, and Kevin, 21, were one of the couples featured on the show. Their relationship was met with skepticism due to their 32-year age gap. As of the latest updates, they have continued their relationship and have been advocates for age-gap couples.

Stephanie and Octavio

Stephanie, 65, and Octavio, 28, faced not only the challenge of an age gap but also cultural differences. They have since kept a low profile, and their current relationship status is not publicly known.

Hattie and her young suitors

Hattie, then 76, was not in a committed relationship but was actively dating much younger men. She has since become a public figure and continues to promote the idea that age should not limit one’s dating pool.

Life After the Show

The cast members have had varied experiences since their time on “Extreme Cougar Wives.” Some have maintained their relationships, while others have moved on. The show has had a lasting impact on their lives, with many of them becoming more vocal about their choices and the right to love freely.

Public Perception and Media Attention

The media attention from the show brought both positive and negative spotlight to the cast members. While some have embraced the fame to spread their message, others have preferred to retreat from the public eye.

Challenges Faced by the Couples

The couples from “Extreme Cougar Wives” have faced various challenges, from judgmental stares to outright criticism. They have had to deal with the implications of their choices on their personal and professional lives.

Advocacy and Support for Age-Gap Relationships

Some of the cast members have used their platform to advocate for the acceptance of age-gap relationships. They have participated in interviews, written articles, and engaged in public speaking to support others in similar situations.

Summary Table of Cast Members and Their Current Status

CoupleAge GapCurrent Status
Jude and Kevin32 yearsStill together, advocating for age-gap relationships
Stephanie and Octavio37 yearsUnknown
HattieN/AContinues to date younger men and advocate for age-gap relationships

FAQ Section

What was the premise of “Extreme Cougar Wives”?

The show focused on older women in relationships with significantly younger men, exploring the dynamics and societal perceptions of these age-gap romances.

How many episodes of “Extreme Cougar Wives” were aired?

TLC aired a one-hour pilot special, but the show did not continue beyond that initial episode.

Did the couples from the show stay together?

Some couples, like Jude and Kevin, have remained together, while the current status of others, like Stephanie and Octavio, is not publicly known.

Has there been a follow-up show or reunion?

As of the latest information available, there has not been a follow-up show or official reunion for “Extreme Cougar Wives.”

Where can I watch “Extreme Cougar Wives”?

The show may be available for streaming or purchase on various online platforms, but availability can vary based on location and time.


“Extreme Cougar Wives” was a show that pushed the boundaries of conventional relationships by showcasing the lives of older women with younger partners. Since its airing, the cast members have taken different paths, with some continuing to embrace their roles as advocates for age-gap relationships, while others have chosen to live more privately. The show’s impact continues to resonate, as it challenged viewers to reconsider their own perceptions of love and partnership. Whether still together or not, the couples from “Extreme Cougar Wives” have undoubtedly left their mark on reality TV and opened up a dialogue about the complexities of modern relationships.

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