Bridezillas Season 10 Where Are They Now?

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Bridezillas is a reality television series that airs on WE tv and has become infamous for documenting the most over-the-top and dramatic weddings ever conceived. The show follows brides-to-be as they go through the stress of planning their weddings, often resulting in meltdowns, arguments, and the occasional cold feet. Season 10 of Bridezillas was no exception, featuring a cast of memorable brides whose antics left viewers both shocked and entertained. But what has happened to these brides since their episodes aired? In this article, we’ll catch up with the cast of Bridezillas Season 10 and find out where they are now.

Introduction to Bridezillas Season 10

Season 10 of Bridezillas brought us a fresh batch of brides with sky-high demands and fiery tempers. From last-minute venue changes to bridal party drama, these women stopped at nothing to ensure their big day was perfect. But perfection often comes at a price, and for these brides, it was their sanity and sometimes their relationships that were put to the test.

Where Are They Now: A Look at the Season 10 Cast

Years have passed since the cameras stopped rolling, and fans are curious about the current status of the brides from Season 10. Have they settled into marital bliss, or did their Bridezilla tendencies follow them beyond the wedding day? Let’s dive into the lives of these unforgettable women and see where they’ve landed.

Adrienne & Waylon

Adrienne’s wedding to Waylon was one for the books, with her controlling nature leading to some serious on-screen drama. Today, Adrienne and Waylon are still married, and it seems that Adrienne has mellowed out a bit. They have embraced parenthood and often share their family adventures on social media.

Angela & Antonio

Angela’s wedding to Antonio was nothing short of a spectacle, with her fiery temper on full display. The couple has since faced their share of ups and downs but remain together. Angela has taken a step back from the spotlight and prefers to keep her personal life private.

Dekeydra & Jor’el

Dekeydra’s episode was memorable for her over-the-top expectations and her unwillingness to compromise. Since the show, Dekeydra and Jor’el have gone their separate ways. Dekeydra has focused on her career and personal growth, often sharing motivational messages with her followers.

Rochelle & Nathan

Rochelle’s wedding planning was fraught with drama, particularly with her bridal party. Rochelle and Nathan have since divorced, and Rochelle has reinvented herself as a businesswoman, using her Bridezilla fame to launch her own brand.

Tasha & Jeff

Tasha’s wedding to Jeff was a rollercoaster of emotions, with Tasha’s demands causing tension. The couple is still together, and Tasha has channeled her energy into advocacy work, often speaking out on social issues that are important to her.

Life After Bridezillas: Personal and Professional Growth

Many of the brides from Season 10 have used their Bridezilla experience as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. While some have stayed out of the public eye, others have embraced their reality TV fame and used it to launch new ventures.

Business Ventures and Career Changes

Several Season 10 brides have started their own businesses, ranging from fashion lines to event planning services. These entrepreneurial endeavors have allowed them to channel their passion for weddings into a professional setting.

Family Life and Parenthood

For those brides who have remained with their partners, family life has become a central focus. Many have welcomed children and often share their parenting journeys with their followers, showcasing a softer side to their previously seen Bridezilla personas.

Advocacy and Charity Work

Some of the brides have dedicated themselves to advocacy and charity work, using their platform to raise awareness for causes close to their hearts. This shift from wedding planning to philanthropy has shown a different, more compassionate side of these women.

Relationship Status: Marriages and Breakups

The aftermath of Bridezillas has seen a mix of lasting marriages and unfortunate breakups. While some couples have proven that love can survive even the most intense wedding planning, others have found that their relationship couldn’t withstand the pressure.

Successful Marriages

A handful of Season 10 couples have beaten the odds and are still happily married. These couples have worked through their differences and have come out stronger on the other side.

Divorces and Breakups

Unfortunately, not all Bridezilla marriages have had a fairy tale ending. Some couples have called it quits, with the stress of the wedding being too much for their relationship to handle.

Public Perception and Media Appearances

The brides from Season 10 have had varying degrees of interaction with the media since their episodes aired. Some have embraced the limelight, while others have shied away from public attention.

Embracing the Spotlight

A few of the brides have enjoyed their time in the spotlight and have made subsequent media appearances, including follow-up specials and interviews.

Stepping Back from Public Life

Others have chosen to step back from public life, focusing on their personal lives and careers away from the cameras.

Lessons Learned from Bridezillas

The experience of being on Bridezillas has taught these women valuable lessons about themselves, their relationships, and what truly matters in life.

Personal Growth and Self-Reflection

Many brides have reflected on their behavior during the show and have used the experience to grow personally, becoming more self-aware and mindful in their daily lives.

Relationship Insights

The show has also provided insights into their relationships, with some couples learning to communicate better and others realizing they were not meant to be together.

FAQ Section

  • Are any of the Bridezillas Season 10 couples still together?
    Yes, some couples from Bridezillas Season 10 are still happily married.
  • Have any of the brides from Season 10 divorced?
    Yes, there have been divorces and breakups among the Season 10 cast.
  • Did any of the Season 10 brides start their own businesses?
    Several brides from Season 10 have started their own businesses, often inspired by their wedding experiences.
  • How have the brides changed since their time on the show?
    Many brides have experienced personal growth, with some focusing on family, careers, or advocacy work.
  • Do the Season 10 brides still receive media attention?
    Some brides continue to make media appearances, while others prefer to maintain a lower profile.


The brides of Bridezillas Season 10 have come a long way since their memorable stints on reality TV. While some have found happiness in their marriages and new ventures, others have faced challenges and changes that have led them down different paths. What remains clear is that the experience of being a Bridezilla has left an indelible mark on each of them, shaping their lives in ways they may never have expected. As they continue to navigate life post-Bridezillas, we can only wish them all the best in their future endeavors, whether they’re walking down the aisle again or forging new paths entirely.

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