Black Gold Cast Where Are They Now?

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Introduction to Black Gold

“Black Gold” was a reality-documentary television series that chronicled the lives of oil drillers in Texas. Premiering in 2008 on truTV, the show ran for five seasons before concluding in 2013. It provided an in-depth look at the oil industry, focusing on the rig workers’ daily struggles, personal lives, and the high-stakes gamble of drilling for America’s most valuable resource. As the years have passed, fans of the show have often wondered what became of the cast members who became familiar faces on their screens. In this article, we delve into the whereabouts of the “Black Gold” cast and catch up with their lives post-show.

Overview of the Cast

The cast of “Black Gold” was a diverse group of individuals, each with their unique personality and role on the oil rigs. They included roughnecks, drillers, and even the oil company’s management. The show’s main focus was on the workers at the rigs, highlighting their hard work, dangers they faced, and the camaraderie that developed among them.

Brandon Watson

Brandon Watson was one of the standout personalities on “Black Gold.” Known for his tough exterior and dedication to his work, Brandon was a driller on Rig 28. After the show ended, Brandon continued to work in the oil industry for some time. However, he has since shifted his focus and has been involved in various business ventures outside of oil drilling.

Cheston McElhaney

Cheston McElhaney was another key member of the “Black Gold” cast, often seen as the voice of reason on the rig. Post-show, Cheston has maintained a relatively low profile. While he has not been in the public eye as much as some of his co-stars, it is believed that he continues to work in the oil industry, applying the skills he showcased on the show.

Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris, the tough-talking tool pusher, was responsible for overseeing the rig operations. After “Black Gold,” Wayne took a step back from the spotlight. There is limited information available about his current endeavors, but it is rumored that he remains involved in the oil business in some capacity.

Joshua “Josh” Casteel

Joshua “Josh” Casteel was one of the younger members of the crew, known for his ambition and drive. Since the show’s conclusion, Josh has continued to pursue a career in the oil industry. His social media suggests that he has taken on various roles within the sector, gaining more experience and expertise.

Gerald “Jerry” Haynes

Gerald “Jerry” Haynes, the rig manager, was often seen managing the tensions and challenges on the rig. After “Black Gold,” Jerry has kept a low profile, and there is little public information about his current activities. It is speculated that he may have retired or moved on to different ventures within the oil industry.

Life After “Black Gold”

The cast members of “Black Gold” have taken different paths since the show ended. Some have continued their careers in the oil industry, while others have ventured into new fields or started their own businesses. The show’s end marked a new beginning for many of them, as they applied the fame and experience gained from the series to their professional and personal lives.

Continuing in the Oil Industry

For some cast members, the oil industry remained their calling. They have continued to work on rigs, leveraging their experience and notoriety from the show to advance their careers. The oil industry is known for its volatility, but these individuals have shown resilience and adaptability in staying within the field.

Branching into Other Ventures

Other cast members have used their “Black Gold” platform to explore different business opportunities. From starting their own companies to investing in various industries, these former oil rig workers have diversified their professional portfolios. Their time on the show provided them with a unique set of skills and experiences that have proven valuable in their new endeavors.

Personal Growth and Development

Beyond their professional lives, many cast members have also focused on personal growth and development. Whether it’s starting families, pursuing education, or engaging in community service, they have taken the lessons learned from the oil fields and applied them to enrich their lives and those around them.

Challenges Faced Post-Show

Life after reality TV can be challenging for many participants. The cast of “Black Gold” has faced their share of obstacles, from dealing with the fame that came with being on television to navigating the ups and downs of the oil market. These challenges have tested their resilience and have often required them to reinvent themselves professionally.

Dealing with Public Attention

The sudden exposure from being on a reality show can be overwhelming. Some cast members have embraced the attention, while others have chosen to step away from the limelight. Managing public perception and privacy has been a significant challenge for many of them.

The oil industry is notoriously cyclical, with prices and job availability fluctuating dramatically. Cast members who remained in the industry have had to adapt to these changes, sometimes facing layoffs or having to relocate to find work.

Where Are They Now: A Summary Table

Cast MemberCurrent Endeavor
Brandon WatsonVarious business ventures
Cheston McElhaneyContinued work in oil industry (assumed)
Wayne HarrisUnknown, possibly still in oil industry
Joshua “Josh” CasteelVarious roles in oil industry
Gerald “Jerry” HaynesLow profile, possibly retired or in oil industry

FAQs About “Black Gold” Cast

  • Is “Black Gold” still on the air?
    No, “Black Gold” concluded its run in 2013 after five seasons.
  • Have any cast members left the oil industry?
    Yes, some cast members have pursued other ventures outside of the oil industry.
  • Did the show accurately portray life on an oil rig?
    While “Black Gold” was a reality show, it aimed to provide a realistic depiction of the challenges and dangers of working on an oil rig.
  • How have the cast members dealt with the fame from the show?
    Each cast member has handled the fame differently, with some embracing it and others choosing to maintain a low profile.
  • Are there any plans for a “Black Gold” reunion or revival?
    As of now, there are no public plans for a “Black Gold” reunion or revival series.


The cast of “Black Gold” has experienced a variety of paths since the show’s end. While some have remained in the oil industry, others have branched out into new ventures or focused on personal development. The show provided a platform that propelled them into the public eye and gave them experiences that have shaped their lives in the years following. As they continue to navigate their post-show journeys, the legacy of “Black Gold” lives on through the lives of its cast members, each of whom has left an indelible mark on the portrayal of the oil industry on television.

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