Big Brother 5 Where Are They Now?

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Big Brother 5, which aired in 2004, was a season of the popular reality TV show that captivated audiences with its twists, turns, and memorable cast. It’s been years since the houseguests lived under the constant gaze of the cameras, and fans often wonder what happened to their favorite (or least favorite) contestants after the show ended. In this article, we’ll catch up with the Big Brother 5 cast and find out where they are now.

Introduction to Big Brother 5

Big Brother 5 featured a diverse group of contestants who were locked in a house together for a summer, competing for a half-million-dollar prize. The season was known for its “Project DNA” twist, which stood for “Do Not Assume,” and included a shocking reveal that two houseguests were actually long-lost siblings. As we delve into the lives of the cast today, let’s see how their experiences in the Big Brother house have shaped their paths.

Summary Table: Big Brother 5 Cast Where Are They Now

HouseguestOccupation ThenOccupation NowNotable Post-BB Activities
Drew DanielRecent College GraduateReal Estate AgentContinued Education
Michael EllisSecurity OfficerUnknownPrivate Life

Drew Daniel: The Winner’s Journey

Drew Daniel, the winner of Big Brother 5, was a recent college graduate when he entered the house. After his victory, Drew pursued a career in real estate. He has since become a successful real estate agent and has largely stayed out of the public eye, focusing on his professional life and personal growth.

Michael “Cowboy” Ellis: From Security to Secrecy

Michael Ellis, known as “Cowboy” on the show, was one of the most memorable contestants due to the revelation that he and fellow houseguest Nakomis were half-siblings. After the show, Michael returned to his job as a security officer and has since kept a low profile. Details about his current endeavors are scarce, as he prefers to keep his life private.

Diane Henry: From Reality TV to Real Estate

Diane Henry, the third-place finisher, made a name for herself with her strategic gameplay. Post-Big Brother, Diane dabbled in various TV appearances before transitioning into a career in real estate. She has found success in this field and enjoys a quieter life away from the cameras.

Nakomis Dedmon: The Artistic Strategist

Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon was known for her strategic moves and her unique style. After the show, she continued to express her creativity through art and music. Nakomis has also maintained a relatively private life, focusing on her artistic pursuits and personal endeavors.

Marvin Latimer: From Houseguest to Host

Marvin Latimer brought humor and charisma to Big Brother 5. After his stint on the show, Marvin pursued opportunities in entertainment, including hosting a radio show. He has also been involved in various business ventures and continues to entertain his fans through social media and public appearances.

Karen O’Neil Ganci: Life After the Big Brother House

Karen O’Neil Ganci was the “mom” of the house, known for her nurturing nature. Post-show, Karen returned to her family and has since been dedicated to her personal life. She has kept a low profile and has not sought the spotlight since her time on Big Brother.

Will Wikle: From Nursing to Entertainment

Will Wikle was the charming nurse who won over fans with his wit. After Big Brother, Will pursued a career in entertainment, appearing on various TV shows and events. He has also been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and remains active in the entertainment industry.

Jase Wirey: The Competitive Spirit Continues

Jase Wirey was known for his competitive nature and alliance with the “Four Horsemen.” After Big Brother, Jase returned to reality TV for a stint on Big Brother All-Stars and has since focused on his personal life and career outside of television.

Scott Long: Controversy and Moving Forward

Scott Long was a controversial figure in the Big Brother 5 house. Since the show, Scott has kept a low profile and has not been active in the public eye. He has focused on moving forward from the controversies of his time on the show.

Holly King: From Big Brother to Business

Holly King brought energy and enthusiasm to the house. After her time on Big Brother, Holly pursued various business ventures and has been involved in the fashion and beauty industries. She continues to work on her entrepreneurial projects.

Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll: The Twin Twist

Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll were part of the season’s twin twist, switching places throughout the game. After Big Brother, the twins have focused on their families and careers. They have stayed out of the public eye, preferring to live their lives away from the spotlight.

Lori Valenti: From Big Brother to Behind the Scenes

Lori Valenti was the first houseguest evicted from Big Brother 5. Since then, she has worked behind the scenes in various production roles and has continued her career in the entertainment industry.

Mike Lubinski: Life After the Limelight

Mike Lubinski was known for his laid-back personality on the show. After Big Brother, Mike returned to his life outside of the limelight and has not pursued further public appearances or reality TV stints.

FAQs: Big Brother 5 Where Are They Now?

  • Has any Big Brother 5 houseguest returned to reality TV?
    Yes, a few houseguests, like Jase Wirey, have returned to reality TV for shows like Big Brother All-Stars.
  • Did any Big Brother 5 relationships last outside the house?
    While some houseguests formed close bonds, most relationships did not continue outside of the show.
  • Are any of the Big Brother 5 houseguests active on social media?
    Yes, some houseguests like Marvin Latimer are active on social media and engage with fans.
  • What was the most memorable moment from Big Brother 5?
    The reveal of Michael “Cowboy” Ellis and Nakomis Dedmon being half-siblings was one of the most memorable moments.
  • Have any Big Brother 5 houseguests left the public eye completely?
    Yes, several houseguests, such as Michael Ellis and Karen O’Neil Ganci, have chosen to live private lives away from the public eye.


The houseguests of Big Brother 5 have taken various paths since their time on the show. While some have continued to seek the spotlight, others have opted for a quieter life away from the cameras. Their experiences in the Big Brother house have undoubtedly shaped their lives in unique ways. Whether they’ve continued in entertainment, shifted to new careers, or focused on their personal lives, the cast of Big Brother 5 has moved on from the game, leaving fans with memories of a season filled with drama, strategy, and unexpected twists.

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