Photos of birds I took on my travels

My system of managing my photography collection isn’t exactly the best. Whenever I go out somewhere to take photos I make a couple hundred photos and then I transfer them to my PC. That’s not something that’s out of the ordinary. I’m pretty sure that everyone does this. What is out of the ordinary is the fact that I never organize my photos. They are just left sitting in their respective folders, with a time stamp. Well today it was rainy weather here at Ann Arbor, and I’m slowly having less and less things to do with my school, so I decided to organize my photos. They are now organized according to subject, so here’s a quick put together gallery of photographs that feature birds. Let’s dig in.

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My photography camera of choice

Photography is something that a lot of people seem to be interested in these days. Being a photographer is easy, at least being a hobby photographer. There are high quality cameras in phones that can take very nice to look at photographs. Professionals of course use something far more advanced. I on the other hand discovered a middle ground, and use a midrange camera that makes decent quality photos, but doesn’t cost a lot of money.

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Greek food photo gallery – combining my two loves

I don’t know if I mentioned this anywhere on the website, hehe, but I love food and I love photography. Coming from a Greek family means that I have taste buds that especially love Greek food. Today I decided that I’d combine my two loves and share with the world a small photo gallery of some Greek food photo shots that I especially love.

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Quick photo gallery to start things off

Out of the thousands of photos that I’ve captured over the years, today I’d like to share a small selection of them with the world. It’s something to get my feet wet. Uploading all of it all at once would take a lot of time. Like I already mentioned in the introductory text on the homepage, I mostly dabble in birds eye view photography, with the help of my gadgets.

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Places to find Greek recipes – AllRecipes

A lot of the times when I’m entertaining guests I get asked where exactly do I get the ideas for the delicious meals on the table. Many of them seem to think that I’m the one behind them. Sometimes it actually is me who’s responsible for the recipe, but most of the time I outsource the clever part of cooking food, thinking up new meals, to third parties like AllRecipes.

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