Are You The One Season 2 Where Are They Now?

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MTV’s “Are You The One?” is a reality dating show that has captured the hearts of many since its inception. The show’s unique format, which involves a group of singles living together to find their perfect matches, has led to both romantic successes and dramatic failures. Season 2, which aired in 2014, was no exception, with a cast of vibrant personalities looking for love. Fans have often wondered where the cast members are now, years after their initial search for love on television. In this article, we’ll catch up with the Season 2 cast and see where life has taken them since their time on the show.

Introduction to “Are You The One?” Season 2

Before diving into the whereabouts of the cast, let’s briefly recap the premise of “Are You The One?” Season 2. The show brought together 20 singles, 10 men and 10 women, who were tasked with finding their predetermined perfect matches. If everyone found their match by the end of the season, the group would split a grand prize of $1 million. The season was filled with twists, turns, and plenty of drama as the contestants navigated their way through love and heartbreak.

Cast Overview

The cast of Season 2 was a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds, each bringing their own unique flavor to the show. From the charismatic and confident to the shy and reserved, the cast members had viewers rooting for their love stories. But what has happened to these hopeful romantics since the cameras stopped rolling?

Where Are They Now: A Summary Table

Here’s a quick look at the cast members and their current status:

Cast MemberStatus
Christina LeBlancEntrepreneur
Brandon TindelUnknown

Christina LeBlanc

Christina LeBlanc, known for her role as the 11th girl in a house of 10 couples, faced a unique challenge during her time on the show. Since then, Christina has taken the entrepreneurial route, starting her own business. She has also been active on social media, sharing her life’s updates with her followers.

Brandon Tindel

Brandon Tindel was one of the more memorable characters from Season 2, known for his laid-back attitude and surfer vibe. Post-show, Brandon has kept a low profile, and not much is known about his current endeavors. He appears to have stepped away from the spotlight to live a more private life.

Jenni Knapmiller

Jenni Knapmiller, with her bubbly personality and infectious laugh, quickly became a fan favorite. After the show, Jenni continued to pursue her passion for fitness and has become a fitness instructor. She often shares her workout routines and motivational posts on social media.

Curtis Hadzicki

Curtis Hadzicki was the calm and collected artist of the group. Since his time on “Are You The One?”, Curtis has continued to work on his art and has also ventured into real estate. He’s also found love outside of the show and is in a long-term relationship.

Briana LaCuesta

Briana LaCuesta was known for her fiery personality and strong will. After the show, Briana has been focusing on her career and personal growth. She has also appeared on MTV’s “The Challenge,” furthering her reality TV career.

John Moustis

John Moustis, the fun-loving jokester, has continued to keep his sense of humor post-show. He has been involved in various business ventures and enjoys traveling. John keeps his fans entertained with his humorous takes on life through his social media accounts.

Shelby Yardley

Shelby Yardley was the sweet and southern belle of Season 2. Since the show, Shelby has focused on her career and personal life. She has kept a relatively low profile compared to her castmates but occasionally updates her social media with snippets of her life.

Dario Medrano

Dario Medrano, one of the twins on the show, was known for his competitive nature. After “Are You The One?”, Dario also appeared on “The Challenge.” He has since focused on his career in sales and continues to be active in the fitness community.

Raphy Medrano

Raphy Medrano, Dario’s twin, shared his brother’s competitive spirit. Like Dario, Raphy has also appeared on “The Challenge” and has pursued a career in sales. He remains passionate about fitness and often shares his journey with his followers.

Jessica Andreatta

Jessica Andreatta was the girl-next-door of the season. After her time on the show, Jessica has pursued a career in acting and modeling. She has also been an advocate for mental health awareness, using her platform to spread positivity and support.

Layton Jones

Layton Jones, known for his southern charm and protective nature, has since focused on his personal life. He has been relatively private about his post-show endeavors but occasionally shares updates about his family and friends on social media.

Paris Eike

Paris Eike brought a touch of mystery to Season 2. After the show, Paris has been dedicated to her career and personal development. She has also been an advocate for animal rights and often shares her love for animals online.

Pratt Pratt

Pratt Pratt, with his memorable nickname and outgoing personality, has continued to live life to the fullest. He has been involved in various business ventures and enjoys exploring new opportunities. Pratt keeps his fans updated with his adventures through his social media presence.

Alex Phillips

Alex Phillips was the free spirit of the group. Post-show, Alex has been traveling and embracing different cultures. She has also been active in promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness.

Anthony Bartolotte

Anthony Bartolotte was the smooth talker of Season 2. Since the show, Anthony has been focusing on his career in finance. He has also been active in the fitness world, sharing his workout routines and health tips with his followers.

Ellie Puckett

Ellie Puckett, known for her outspoken nature and loyalty, has been pursuing her interests in music and entertainment. She has also been vocal about her political views and uses her platform to discuss important social issues.

Garland Brown

Garland Brown was the gentle giant of the season. After “Are You The One?”, Garland has been dedicated to his career and family. He has kept a low profile but occasionally shares glimpses of his life with his social media followers.

FAQs About “Are You The One?” Season 2 Cast

  • Did any of the Season 2 couples stay together?
    Most of the couples from Season 2 did not stay together after the show. However, many have found love outside of the show.
  • Have any cast members returned to reality TV?
    Yes, several cast members, including Briana LaCuesta and the Medrano twins, have appeared on MTV’s “The Challenge.”
  • What was the outcome of Season 2?
    The cast of Season 2 successfully found all their perfect matches and won the $1 million prize.
  • How can I follow the cast members on social media?
    Most cast members are active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Their handles can usually be found with a quick search.
  • Has the show impacted the cast members’ careers?
    Yes, for many cast members, the show has opened up opportunities in entertainment, fitness, and other industries.


The cast of “Are You The One?” Season 2 has come a long way since their time on the show. While some have continued to bask in the limelight of reality TV, others have chosen more private paths. They’ve ventured into various fields such as entrepreneurship, fitness, acting, and advocacy, showcasing the diverse directions life can take after reality TV fame. Their journeys remind us that while finding love on television is a unique experience, it’s just the beginning of a much larger adventure. Whether they found their perfect match or not, the cast members have continued to grow and evolve, proving that there’s always more to someone’s story beyond what we see on screen.

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