Amazing Race Season 5 Where Are They Now?

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The Amazing Race Season 5, which aired in 2004, was a thrilling installment of the popular reality TV series that took viewers on a journey around the world alongside its contestants. Now, nearly two decades later, fans of the show may be curious about the whereabouts and activities of the memorable teams that competed for the million-dollar prize. In this article, we’ll catch up with the contestants from Season 5 and find out what they’ve been up to since their globetrotting adventures.

Introduction to The Amazing Race Season 5

The Amazing Race Season 5 featured eleven teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship, racing around the world to various destinations where they faced challenges and obstacles in pursuit of the grand prize. The season was filled with memorable moments, strategic gameplay, and a diverse cast that left a lasting impression on viewers. As we look back, let’s explore where the contestants have journeyed since the race ended.

Season 5 Contestants: Where Are They Now?

From the winners to the first team eliminated, each pair from Season 5 has a unique story to tell about their life post-race. We’ll delve into the lives of these former racers, examining their personal and professional developments.

Chip and Kim McAllister – Winners

Chip and Kim McAllister, the beloved married couple who won Season 5, have continued to inspire many with their positive attitudes. After their win, they invested their prize money wisely and focused on family and entrepreneurial ventures. Chip has been involved in motivational speaking and both have been active in various business endeavors.

Colin Guinn and Christie Woods – Runners-Up

Colin and Christie, the competitive couple who finished in second place, have since taken their relationship to the next level by getting married. They have also returned to the Amazing Race franchise, competing in Season 31. Professionally, Colin has made a name for himself in the drone industry, while Christie has been involved in health and wellness coaching.

Brandon Davidson and Nicole O’Brian – 3rd Place

Brandon and Nicole, who finished in third place, eventually went their separate ways. Nicole, a former Miss Texas USA, has continued her work in the beauty pageant industry and has also pursued acting. Brandon has kept a lower profile, focusing on his personal life and faith-based initiatives.

Linda and Karen – 4th Place

Linda and Karen, known as the “Bowling Moms,” captured the hearts of viewers with their tenacity. Post-race, they returned to their families and continued their careers. They have also participated in charity events and remain friends, often reminiscing about their Amazing Race experience.

Kami and Karli – 5th Place

The energetic twins Kami and Karli have pursued different paths since the race. Karli has focused on her family, while Kami has been involved in the fitness industry. Both have maintained a presence on social media, sharing glimpses of their lives with fans.

Marshall and Lance – 6th Place

Marshall and Lance, the brothers who famously had to quit the race due to Marshall’s knee injury, have continued their careers in the restaurant business. They have also been active in their local community and occasionally share memories of their time on the show.

Charla and Mirna – 7th Place

Cousins Charla and Mirna became fan favorites for their determination and unique dynamic. After the race, they appeared on Season 11, the All-Stars edition. Charla has been involved in advocacy for little people, while Mirna has focused on her career as an attorney and raising her family.

Bob and Joyce – 8th Place

Bob and Joyce, the older couple who found love before the race, have continued their romantic journey together. They have been enjoying retirement, traveling, and spending time with family. Their love story remains an inspiration to many fans of the show.

Jim and Marsha – 9th Place

Jim, a former military man, and his daughter Marsha have maintained a close relationship since the race. Jim has continued his work supporting veterans, while Marsha has pursued a career in law. They both look back fondly on their Amazing Race experience.

Alison and Donny – 10th Place

Alison, who was known for her appearance on Big Brother 4, and her then-boyfriend Donny have since parted ways. Alison has stayed in the public eye through various reality TV appearances and personal ventures. Donny’s post-race life has been more private.

Dennis and Erika – 11th Place

Dennis and Erika, the first team eliminated, have since ended their relationship. Erika has been involved in the entertainment industry, while Dennis has focused on his career outside of the public eye. Both have moved on from their brief Amazing Race stint.

Post-Race Careers and Achievements

Many Season 5 contestants have achieved significant milestones in their careers following their time on The Amazing Race. From business ventures to advocacy work, these racers have made their mark in various fields.

Entrepreneurial Successes

Several contestants have launched successful businesses, drawing on the skills and exposure they gained from the race. Chip McAllister, for example, has been involved in several entrepreneurial projects, while Colin Guinn has become a prominent figure in the drone industry.

Advocacy and Charity Work

Charla Faddoul has been an advocate for little people, using her platform to raise awareness and support for the community. Other contestants have also engaged in charity work, often participating in events related to causes they are passionate about.

Continued Public Presence

Some racers have maintained a public presence through social media, reality TV appearances, or public speaking engagements. Their continued interaction with fans keeps the spirit of their Amazing Race season alive.

Personal Milestones

Beyond their professional achievements, many Season 5 contestants have celebrated personal milestones such as marriages, starting families, and pursuing personal passions.

Marriages and Relationships

Colin Guinn and Christie Woods turned their racing partnership into a lifelong commitment by getting married. Other contestants have also found love, with some starting families of their own.

Family and Personal Life

For many racers, family remains a central part of their lives. They often share updates about their children and personal experiences, showcasing the life they’ve built since the race.

Amazing Race Season 5 Contestants: A Summary Table

TeamPlacementCurrent Status
Chip and Kim McAllisterWinnersEntrepreneurs, Motivational Speaking
Colin Guinn and Christie WoodsRunners-UpMarried, Drone Industry/Health Coaching
Brandon Davidson and Nicole O’Brian3rd PlaceSeparate Paths, Beauty Pageants/Acting
Linda and Karen4th PlaceCharity Work, Bowling Enthusiasts
Kami and Karli5th PlaceFamily Life, Fitness Industry
Marshall and Lance6th PlaceRestaurant Business, Community Involvement
Charla and Mirna7th PlaceAdvocacy, Law Career
Bob and Joyce8th PlaceRetirement, Travel
Jim and Marsha9th PlaceVeteran Support, Law Career
Alison and Donny10th PlaceReality TV, Private Life
Dennis and Erika11th PlaceEntertainment Industry, Private Career

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Have any Season 5 contestants returned to The Amazing Race?
    Yes, Colin Guinn and Christie Woods returned for Season 31, and Charla and Mirna competed in the All-Stars edition, Season 11.
  • Did any teams from Season 5 continue their relationship after the race?
    Colin and Christie not only continued their relationship but also got married. Other teams have had varying outcomes in their personal relationships.
  • What have the winners of Season 5 done with their prize money?
    Chip and Kim McAllister invested their prize money in various business ventures and have also been involved in motivational speaking.
  • Are any of the Season 5 contestants still in the public eye?
    Several contestants, such as Alison Irwin and Charla Faddoul, have maintained a public presence through various platforms.
  • How have the contestants used their Amazing Race experience in their lives?
    Many contestants have used the skills, confidence, and exposure gained from the race to further their careers, engage in charity work, and pursue personal goals.


The Amazing Race Season 5 was a season filled with excitement, drama, and unforgettable teams. Nearly two decades later, the contestants have taken diverse paths in life, achieving personal and professional milestones that reflect the growth and experiences gained from their time on the show. From entrepreneurial successes to personal joys like marriage and family, these racers have continued to navigate the course of life with the same determination and spirit they displayed on The Amazing Race. Their stories serve as a testament to the lasting impact of the race on its participants and the enduring interest of fans who continue to follow their journeys.

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