Alaskan Bush People Where Are They Now?

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Introduction to the Alaskan Bush People

The Alaskan Bush People is a reality television series that premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2014. The show follows the Brown family, who claim to have been born and raised in the wilds of Alaska and live off the grid, isolated from modern society. Over the years, the show has garnered a dedicated fan base intrigued by the family’s unique lifestyle and survival skills. However, as with any reality TV show, viewers have been curious about the authenticity of the portrayed lifestyle and the current whereabouts of the family members.

The Brown Family: A Brief Overview

The Brown family, led by parents Billy and Ami, consists of their seven children: Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Snowbird, and Rain. Each member of the family has their own distinct personality and role within the family dynamic. The show has documented their challenges, from harsh weather conditions to health issues and the complexities of living in the Alaskan wilderness.

Where Are the Alaskan Bush People Now?

Since the show’s inception, the lives of the Brown family have undergone significant changes. Some have moved away from Alaska, while others have started families of their own. Here’s a look at where each member of the Brown family is now.

Billy Brown: The Patriarch’s Passing

Sadly, Billy Brown, the patriarch of the Brown family, passed away in February 2021 due to a seizure. His death has had a profound impact on the family and the future of the show.

Ami Brown: Battling Health Issues

Ami Brown, the matriarch, has faced serious health challenges, including a battle with lung cancer. As of the latest updates, she has been in remission and continues to be the cornerstone of the family.

Matt Brown: Struggles and Recovery

The eldest son, Matt, has had a tumultuous journey, including struggles with substance abuse. He has been open about his recovery process and has spent some time away from the show to focus on his health.

Bam Bam Brown: Finding Love and New Ventures

Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown has pursued a life away from the bush, finding love with Allison Kagan, a former producer of the show. Together, they have been renovating a ferry boat to live on.

Bear Brown: Embracing Fatherhood

Solomon “Bear” Brown has embraced fatherhood after welcoming a son with his ex-fiancée, Raiven Adams. Despite a rocky relationship, Bear is committed to being a present father.

Gabe Brown: Family Life

Gabe Brown has settled into family life, marrying Raquell Rose and welcoming children. He continues to be involved with the family’s endeavors.

Noah Brown: Independence and Innovation

Noah Brown, known for his inventive skills, has also started his own family with wife Rhain Alisha, with whom he shares children. He maintains his innovative spirit while balancing family life.

Snowbird and Rain Brown: Growing Up in the Spotlight

The youngest daughters, Snowbird and Rain, have grown up in the spotlight. They continue to be part of the show while also exploring their own interests and passions.

Life After Alaska: The Family’s Relocation

After Ami’s cancer diagnosis, the family made the decision to relocate to Washington State to be closer to medical facilities. This move marked a significant shift from their Alaskan roots but allowed them to stay together as a family.

Continuation of the Show

Despite the many changes in the family’s life, “Alaskan Bush People” has continued to air on the Discovery Channel. The show has adapted to include the family’s new challenges and adventures outside of Alaska.

Public Perception and Criticism

The show has faced criticism and skepticism regarding the authenticity of the Brown family’s bush lifestyle. Accusations of the show being scripted or exaggerated have circulated, but loyal fans remain invested in the family’s story.

Engagement with Fans and Social Media

Members of the Brown family engage with their fans through social media, sharing updates on their lives and connecting with viewers beyond the show.

Table: The Brown Family Whereabouts Summary

Family MemberCurrent Status
Billy BrownDeceased (2021)
Ami BrownIn remission, living in Washington State
Matt BrownFocusing on recovery and health
Bam Bam BrownRenovating a boat with partner Allison Kagan
Bear BrownEmbracing fatherhood, involved in the show
Gabe BrownMarried with children, part of the show
Noah BrownMarried with children, innovating
Snowbird and Rain BrownPart of the show, pursuing personal interests

FAQ Section

Is “Alaskan Bush People” still being filmed?

Yes, “Alaskan Bush People” is still being filmed and continues to air on the Discovery Channel.

Did the Brown family really live off the grid in Alaska?

The show portrays the family as living off the grid in Alaska, but there have been disputes about the authenticity of this portrayal.

How did Billy Brown die?

Billy Brown died from a seizure in February 2021.

Where does the Brown family live now?

The Brown family relocated to Washington State to be closer to medical facilities for Ami’s cancer treatment.

Can I visit the Brown family’s homestead in Alaska?

The Brown family’s homestead in Alaska is on private property, and they value their privacy. It is not open to the public for visits.


The Alaskan Bush People have captivated audiences with their unique lifestyle and survival skills. Despite facing personal challenges, health issues, and the loss of their patriarch, the Brown family continues to share their lives with the world through their television show. They have adapted to life outside of Alaska, with each member carving their own path while maintaining the family bond. The show goes on, and fans can keep up with the Browns through social media and new episodes on the Discovery Channel. The legacy of the Alaskan Bush People lives on as they navigate life’s adventures, both in and out of the bush.

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