About me

All that’s left now is to write a little bit about myself, a little bit more than I already did that is. Where to start. My name you probably already know, it’s Daphne, Daphne Christakos. I’m a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan where I’m currently also going to college, at the University of Michigan. I come from a Greek family and I’ve got an older brother and a sister. They are stereotypical Greek older brother and sister in that they are overprotective and always inquisitive about my boyfriends.

Having them was a great filter for potential boyfriends because the ones that couldn’t withstand my brother and sister weren’t worth keeping around. Growing up I had a lot of fun rummaging through Ann Arbor with my friends. I went to both high school and college in my home town, since they were both close to my home. Actually I’m still going to college. I’m studying history, with a minor in photography at the University of Michigan, like I already said.

Soon I’ll be graduating and joining millions of other twenty somethings in search of work. What a fun time to start doing that, looking for work. I’m split between a career teaching history, for which I will probably have to move somewhere else, and a one that’s slightly less stable, that of a photographer, which I enjoy doing the most. Perhaps I’ll manage to find some sort of middle ground and get a job on the History channel as a photographer. That’d be neat. Anyway, that’s more than enough about me. Hope to see you around soon.