Greek food photo gallery – combining my two loves

I don’t know if I mentioned this anywhere on the website, hehe, but I love food and I love photography. Coming from a Greek family means that I have taste buds that especially love Greek food. Today I decided that I’d combine my two loves and share with the world a small photo gallery of some Greek food photo shots that I especially love.

Greek food photo gallery

Greece is a country with a rich history and a an even richer cuisine. It features Mediterranean influences, which is no surprise given the geographical location. What this means is that there’s an increased use of fish, vegetables, cheese oils (especially olive oil) and of course meat.

For the most part Greek food is light, without a lot of calories, but it can get quite heavy, if you know what I mean, depending on who’s the cook, of course. Me, I love to mix in more vegetables and fish into the mix, than I do go all in with meat or dairy products. I like to stay in shape, so eating calorie rich Greek food is a big no-no. That’s actually what I love about it when I come to think about it. Greek food can be whatever you want it to be, greasy, meaty, or something lighter, with vegetables. Stay tuned for future recipes that I’ll be posting. They are custom made by me, so they’re more than worth the wait, 🙂 .