Photos of birds I took on my travels

My system of managing my photography collection isn’t exactly the best. Whenever I go out somewhere to take photos I make a couple hundred photos and then I transfer them to my PC. That’s not something that’s out of the ordinary. I’m pretty sure that everyone does this. What is out of the ordinary is the fact that I never organize my photos. They are just left sitting in their respective folders, with a time stamp. Well today it was rainy weather here at Ann Arbor, and I’m slowly having less and less things to do with my school, so I decided to organize my photos. They are now organized according to subject, so here’s a quick put together gallery of photographs that feature birds. Let’s dig in.

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Quick photo gallery to start things off

Out of the thousands of photos that I’ve captured over the years, today I’d like to share a small selection of them with the world. It’s something to get my feet wet. Uploading all of it all at once would take a lot of time. Like I already mentioned in the introductory text on the homepage, I mostly dabble in birds eye view photography, with the help of my gadgets.

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